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'Teen Mom' Star

Hits a BONG

9/17/2012 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Teen Mom Star Catelynn Lowell Hits a BONG"Teen Mom" star Catelynn Lowell -- the girl who gave her baby up for adoption on the show -- got into some serious HIGH jinks this summer, ripping a massive bong at a party with friends.

The photo -- obtained by TMZ -- tells the story.  It was snapped last month at a friend's get-together in Michigan -- showing Catelynn in rolled up jeans, igniting some sizable glassware ... and taking a big ol' hit.

Catelynn could've been the one "Teen Mom" star who ever appeared responsible and smart.

Past tense.

Catelynn's manager, who said he could not "confirm the validity" of the photo, tells TMZ, "Like many other young adults, Catelynn, at times, struggles with making the best decisions for her health and career. As her manager, I have strongly advised her to exercise good judgment at all times. She must learn from her mistakes. This will serve as a teachable moment in her development as a young woman."


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Phishie from Philly    

Am I suppose to be surprised or something?
Phishie from Philly

769 days ago


her "career" ... wtf is that? getting knocked up and being a loser??!!!

769 days ago


Way to go Caitlynn... I'm SURE Teresa and Brendan will really be receptive now to letting you see Carly... and if ANYONE thinks that this "couple" has good heads on their shoulders then you obviously don't watch the show... THIS kind of behavior was "evident" from BOTH of them LAST SEASON...

769 days ago


Why do you call them Stars they a not they are children who f$$k up!

769 days ago


Gee, some of you are so naive. She and her boyfriend have long admitted to their love of the herb. This isn't news, but nice try TMZ.

I always love people who sell their souls to TMZ for a few measly bucks in effort to humiliate someone.

What would be cool is if TMZ actually posted celebrity gossip that was interesting, and not report on nobodies and non issues. WOW! Someone smoking pot, shocking!

769 days ago


Stop the presses! A teenager is smoking reefer! Good for them. Everyone needs a release. Better a few puffs in the privacy of your own home than a few drinks out.

769 days ago


I love how they say she appeared to be one the teen mom that was smart and responsible. LMAO. Teenagers that are smart and responsible don't get pregnant!

769 days ago

Tutti Frooooty     

Some of you ought to get a life....if pot were SO bad why would they give it out to cancer patients?? Even God declared that "all seed bearing organisms be used at man's disposal." Maybe if everyone hit the pipe a time or two they wouldn't be so judgmental over herb. It's NOT that big of a deal (and I used to be one of the judgmental ones)

769 days ago


People really need to stop judging people so harsh. Yes, she got pregnant as a teen. She was smart enough to know she could not handle being a mother and gave up the child to a family that wanted to love it. She learned from her mistake because she is not pregnant again. We all made mistakes as children, and we continue to make them as adults. I do not agree with smoking weed, but most teens try it, and continue to do it, and a lot of them become successful in life. It is not that big of a deal. I would rather her get this out of her system now before she becomes an adult and have a family. I bet a lot of the people that say horrible things about these teens would not have been portrayed in a good light if cameras were following them around all the time as a teen. I was a horrible teen, but grew up, got a MBA and have a wonderful family now. I got it out of my system, and I learned from my mistakes as a child. Since I learned from those mistakes, I am able to help my teen daughter when she has to make these choices in life. It is the negative behavior that makes them the money. They are only on TV because most people want to see this crap on TV. Most do not want to watch a show about a teen making the right choices in life. So, lets back off and not judge these kids so hard.

768 days ago


Thank goodness she gave her daughter up for adoption.

In the best interest of her daughter, I believe the adoptive parents should not let her see the little girl.

Catelynn and her boyfriend are in no way ready to get married.

Teen Divorce should be the next reality show, because none of these relationships will make it.

768 days ago

Tutti Frooooty     

Wow....some of you people ought to get a freaking life and maybe if you had actually hit a pipe or two in your day then you wouldn't be so freaking judgmental about POT!!! Even God said "all seed bearing plants are to be used at your disposal." And if it were SOOOO bad why would they give it to cancer patients??? Get a life ignorant zealots!!!!

768 days ago


ok well this pic is photo shopped. come on tmz i know this is the weekend but check your stoner sources. take a good look at the bong. it has a downstem and bowl in it. the pic shows her hand pulling a down step which is NOT made for that bong or that downstem. so in the pic there are two downstems which = not a real pic!!!!!!!!!!! please update this

768 days ago


I'm starting to think the majority of commenters are high. She's smoking WEED! WHO CARES!? She's like a 20 year old girl sitting on someone's couch hitting a bong, what's the issue? Glass houses, A$$HOLES!

768 days ago


TMZ, get serious. How many of your lame ass staff memmers have smoked? Probably even before work this morning? Does that mean they're not "responsible and smart."? (Most of them aren't but not for that reason.) Who made you the Morals Police? Sure it doesn't "look good" but you're digging a little too deep to criticize the kid. If she was chugging a beer would you have said the same thing? Get over yourselves.

768 days ago


A "massive bong" are you serious TMZ? That glassware is tiny lol I don't see what the big deal is, it's just weed, it's not like it is cocaine, meth or pain pills...At least she isn't falling over drunk and acting like a fool.

768 days ago
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