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Amanda Bynes



9/18/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Amanda Bynes
insists ... she's not having a Britney Spears-type meltdown -- telling friends she does NOT need a conservatorship because she's perfectly capable of making her own life choices.

Amanda is adamant ... she has no substance abuse problems and she dismisses the pending criminal hit-and-run charges and the DUI cases -- claiming the charges are all bogus.

Amanda says her family has NEVER brought up even the possibility of a conservatorship. This is consistent with a contact TMZ had with a rep for Amanda's family several months back ... the rep insisted the family felt Amanda had NO mental problems. 

We do know several friends and relatives of Amanda's family have tried convincing them Amanda needs professional help, but as of early summer the pleas fell on deaf ears.

As we first reported -- Amanda's neighbors and fellow gymgoers have become increasingly alarmed  ... claiming Amanda has shown worrisome signs of mental distress, including speaking to inanimate objects.

As for reports Amanda's entering rehab in the next couple days – the actress says no way ... there's no reason to check into a treatment facility.



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That's the thing about crazy people, they never know they are crazy.

764 days ago

The Maharincess of Franistan    

This girl is DOOMED.

Her family sees her as an extension of themselves - therefore, in their minds, there is nothing wrong with her and to seek help would be an embarrassment to the family.

She is clearly exhibiting early signs of schizophrenia. Most schizophrenics are diagnosed around Amanda's age.

Schizophrenia, over time, does worsen. However, receiving medication and treatment can slow the process considerably, and keep her functional. Her days as an actress however, would be over, as it is impossible for her, in this condition to maintain the concentration needed to work effectively.

I feel sorry for this young lady. There seems to be nobody in her life that can help her.

764 days ago


She will be doing 'women in prison' movies next. She hasn't acted since 2010 has she? Other than act crazy...

764 days ago

Miley is a whore    

she looks almost as ugly as Miley in that pic

764 days ago


TMZ you are very skilled at picking the worst pictures of people. Jeez.

764 days ago


That's fine, if she is not crazy then she needs to be jailed. She is better off claiming she is crazy and needs help. Otherwise she has committed all these crimes with full intent and deserves the just punishment

764 days ago


Amanda has already proven she can't make good decisions by her record of driving accidents. She's hooked on drugs and hallucinating by talking to objects & herself. She's throwing her life and career away by living in denial.

764 days ago


I don't know about Amanda ... but many more pictures like the one above and we all may be needing therapy to try and purge those images from our brains.

764 days ago


No, I don't think she needs a conservatorship I think she just needs to stop smoking so much crappy weed.

764 days ago

TMZ Superfan    

You know, it strikes me as odd how many people come to TMZ, read the news stories, watch the videos, then post messages blasting TMZ for their sources, reporting or whatever.

My question is this, if you have such a big problem with how TMZ operates, why are you here reading the stories and watching the videos?

764 days ago



764 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Sorry, TMZ, you haven't convinced me that Amanda is legitimately crazy.

764 days ago


People on here talk about how badly she needs guardianship/conservatorship, like you can simply trot down to the courthouse, fill out an app., and it is a done deal. Unless you have actually done this, (and I have), it is an arduous task, requiring doctors getting involved, psychiatrists getting involved, (and if the person involved doesn't have any "insight" that is tough), ac***ulating do***ented proof, court hearings, oh and both guardian AND subject HAVE TO HAVE lawyers to represent both sides, etc. etc. It is damn tough, and shaves years off your life. Alot of people just don't do it because of the toughness of the whole process. And then there is the actual process of having someone forcibly committed. Getting the police involved, having that person forced into a I said it is damn tough.

764 days ago


So f***ing sick of this story.
Her career went down the toilet and she became a druggie. Not the first or last celebrity it'll happen to. Lindsay Lohan knows how this goes.. except she became a thief and essentially a prostitute too.

764 days ago


I wonder how Harvey Levin would have felt if he was outed as being homosexual in public thirty years ago with his photo in all the papers everyday.

764 days ago
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