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Amanda Bynes

Parents to the Rescue

9/19/2012 7:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Amanda Bynes' parents abruptly uprooted from their Texas home and moved to California to take care of their troubled daughter ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected to the family tell us ... what triggered their decision was Amanda's DUI last April.

We're told the parents put their home in Cedar Park, TX up for sale ... hoping to make a quick deal and get to Cali ASAP, but they couldn't find a buyer.

As Amanda's situation got worse -- hit-and-runs, what looked like pot-smoking photos, and lots of strange behavior -- Bynes' folks decided they couldn't wait any longer and just leased their place out.

One source told us the parents are NOT gunning for a conservatorship (a la Britney Spears) but merely want to be near their daughter as a support system.  In the past our sources say the parents were adamant -- Amanda did not have mental issues or a substance abuse problem.

The parents are no strangers to SoCal -- Amanda was born and raised in Thousand Oaks.


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Finally! I hope they are able to give her what she needs and save her from the path of destruction that she is on.

766 days ago

Passion Of The Taint    

Why is Harvey obsessed with this Turd, The Blowhan's and kardoucheian family???

These people are losers that need to stay far far away from TMZ and us.

766 days ago


I honestly have no clue who this is

766 days ago


The chick needs help, Where is Dr. Drew when u need him?

766 days ago

just because    

what a waste of money to move to CA when amanda bynes says she has no issues whatsoever LOL reminds me of pauly shore in Son in Law (1993) without the son in law or pauly shore

766 days ago

jeff mier    

What Amanda needs right now is for everyone to but out of her life. Her parents cant help cause she doesn't need help all she wants is a private life. So what if shes been in a few fender benders recently and caught smoking weed and driving. Almost everyone does that, shes just unfortunate to be photographed doing it. She didn't drive drunk she even tweeted the president saying she doesn't drink. I blame the LAPD they are nothing but liars and no good. Remember Rodney King Remember so don't be to quick to judge

766 days ago


Good luck to them; they're going to need it...

766 days ago


Her parents are to late, a few years or so...

766 days ago


Wow, so they were that tied to either selling or renting out their house before they could come help her....sounds like Amanda gives them nothing of her fortune. Otherwise they could have come without such distress over their home. Sad that she doesn't help provide for them after they obviously worked to help her become what she is today in terms of her career.

766 days ago


Parents to the rescue? Where in the hell have they been? on a deserted Island? This chick needs to be put in a straight jacket. Or better yet, Drug Rehab.

766 days ago


Are Amanda's parents also taking a little trip down denial? If they think Amanda does not have mental issues or a substance abuse problem, then what is her problem? Denying there is a problem when there obviously is, is not going to make it disappear.

766 days ago


Excellent decision made by the parent's. I'd make the same move, if one of my kids' were in need of an intervention. We're always a parent no matter how old our kids are.

766 days ago


People are being pretty harsh on Amanda's parents. She's not a kid, she's 26. At first she got a DUI. Not good at all but not enough to make parents sell their house and run to her aid. But now, it's clear she has issues and they are there. I hope they can help. I have sons in their 20's and it isn't as simple as just being there for them. Unless Amanda is held involuntarily in a psych ward and basically forced to get help, she will have to come to the realization herself before anyone can do a thing for her.

766 days ago


I think this train wreck is awesome, especially the part where she tweets or emails Obama to get the arresting DUI cop fired. That tells me a lot about the message he is giving the trained monkeys of Hollywood, forget the 47% stuff. That takes a calculator. Telling all the stars and starlets he's their friend and can help them is priceless.

766 days ago


Leave this young woman alone TMZ, you have milked this and the cow is dry. You had a witch hunt against Lindsay Lohan, then Amanda Bynes, what are you going to do now? go back to the Lohan witch hunt? Shame on you, you pick on the weaking people and exploit them. How about trashing the Kardashians? oh right, that will never happen and we know why, Harvey is their little lapdog puppy.

766 days ago
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