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Dennis Quaid

Sued Over Near-Fatal

Horse Accident

9/19/2012 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A horseback rider claims he was nearly killed while riding a horse on Dennis Quaid's equestrian estate, and he's suing the actor over his life-threatening injuries.

70-year-old Lester Wood claims Quaid gave him permission to use a trail on the actor's property to ride a horse to a nearby park in the exclusive Pacific Palisades area of L.A.

Wood said in an interview with the Palisadian-Post newspaper, the sprinkler system next to Quaid's trail suddenly activated, spooking the horse which reared up and fell on top of him.

Next thing Wood knew he was in critical condition at a nearby hospital with a concussion, fractured scapula, torn aorta, multiple pulmonary emboli, broken ribs, a nicked liver, a tear in his bladder, fractured lumbar discs, a shattered pelvis, internal bleeding, and a torn miniscus in his knee.

Wood says he was not wearing a helmet and was looking down at his watch at the time of the accident.

0918_lester_horse_2All told, Wood says the accident cost nearly $500,000 in medical bills -- and he blames Quaid -- who no longer owns the estate -- for what he believes is a flawed trail design.

We contacted Quaid's rep for a reaction to the lawsuit.  So far, no response.


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No good deed goes unpunished.......People like this and their lawyers are why properties are fenced, etc...

772 days ago


I agree this is ridiculous. Nine times out of ten, horse accidents are the fault of the rider, not the horse. Every serious horse accident i've ever had has been my fault — stupid choices, failure to control horse, etc. In Texas, we have a law that prohibits people from suing over horse accidents — because of what Pkay6 says — it's an inherently dangerous sport. And any "trail" horse should have been exposed to things that pop up on trails — like logs, water crossings, water sprinklers. This is the epitomy of a frivolous lawsuit.

772 days ago


Hey Cowboy, learn to train and ride your horse. It's sad that person A lets person B do something on A's property & B, being a dumbass, hurts themselves and thinks that it's A's fault.

772 days ago


I had the same thing happen to me 30 years ago. I have 20 acres in Fresno. I was talking to a woman that was riding her horse at the gate one day and she asked if I would allow her to cut across my property to her friends place. I said, "sure". She rode across safely and then I went inside. About a month later, I see her crawling around in my back pasture. I went to see what she was doing and she claimed she was riding to her friends house and her horse bucked and she slammed her head into one of my fence posts. I called an ambulance and a month later, I get served. It cost my insurance company over 50K 30 years ago for this mess.
I assumed she was only asking permission for that one ride across. The court ruled that I gave her permission to cross anytime she wanted.


772 days ago


So the ******* is looking at his watch while riding a horse....hold on dumbass....friggin lawyers always want to find someone to blame

772 days ago


what a bunch of horse sh*t! You took the chance of riding you got fell on you pay the bill dumbarse! Any experienced rider will tell you horses get spooked or you pulled the reins wrongly and the horse will just stop! Ive fallen off a horse on a very wealthy person property I didnt sue them!!!

772 days ago


Dennis Quaid should counter sue the old fart for tresspassing. I CAN'T STAND "SUE HAPPY" PEOPLE!!

772 days ago


He should be horse whipped for bringing the suit.

772 days ago


That is such BS. The guy that was being nice enough to let you cut thru his property gets sued.

772 days ago


This guy is out for a buck....... I seriously would hope that this whole deal is thrown out, Yes he was given permission to use the trail because he was being lazy and wanted to take a shortcut but in no way should the property owner be responsible for his mishap while the everyday things happen on Quaids (previously owned) property like sprinklers coming on. And as far as the trail not being maintained to this guys likeing, Ummmm not his property to begin and its none of his business as to how well maintained or not this trail is regardless with. He is grasping for straws. I guess that we all should just carry liability release forms or just simplify the whole liability thing and say NO!!!! Go the long way around. And yes PKAY I agree with you on the desensitizing your horse before riding. Its like what idiot would actually endanger their life and the well being of their horse by taking a green broke horse anywhere near a busy street. Yes different scenario then what happened to this guy but still common sence, Experienced rider, Helmet with a bomb proof horse = safety for the horse and human to include everybody around them.

772 days ago


Hi, I'm Hector Guerrero Lara and obviously no good dedd goes unpunished. Just think, if its started raining and it spooked the horse and he got hurt, I guess Dennis should have covered his trail. What is the horse got spooked by a snake, I guess he should of put warning signs. Maybe the guy should of stayed of the horse and stay at home in his perfectly safe house. Thanks, Hector Guerrero Lara.

772 days ago


No good deed goes unpunished. The man had no control of his horse and that is not DQ's fault ald I hope he loses that law suit. The horse was on strange terrain and he should have had ahelmet on and reins in his hands. Too old to ride then stay off the horse.

772 days ago


I've been riding for 25 years. Horses spook all the time. Sometimes, you can't hear or see what spooked them and you must be prepared for it to happen. It is sad that this man's injuries were so severe, but Dennis Quaid is not responsible. The rider chose not to wear a helmet. That was his choice. I've never heard of planned riding trails unless the trails are used specifically for show eventing. Even then, many eventers get hurt and sadly, killed, it's the nature of the sport. Anyone who rides and owns horses knows there is danger in the sport. As others have already said, this will only serve to close access to beautiful riding areas because owners don't want to be exposed to this type of suit.

772 days ago


Ride at your own risk.

772 days ago


Wow. That's ridiculous. He wasn't wearing a helmet, and was looking at his watch. Fair enough the horse got spooked. Horses get spooked by many things. Denis is no way responsible. He doesn't even own the place any more. Pfft. What an idiot. He just wants money and to lay blame. Pathetic.

772 days ago
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