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Lindsay Lohan


Allegedly Fled Accident Scene

9/19/2012 9:00 AM PDT UPDATED: 9/19/2012 9:14 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

6:00 AM PT -- Lindsay is telling friends she had no idea she hit anybody and it wasn't until she came out and got arrested that she knew anything was going on.

As for the story about one of the passengers in her SUV getting out of the car and checking for damages, she says it never happened. Nobody ever got out of the car.

Lohan is calling the incident "really fishy" because the man didn't appear to have any visible injuries and feels she's the victim of a set up. She's not going to let the incident go and is planning on fighting it to the end.

7:03 AM PT -- Surveillance video of the Lindsay accident appears to show her accuser was exaggerating.

9:10 AM PT -- Lindsay's accuser says she was "slurring" her words and reeked of booze.

Lindsay Lohan
was arrested for leaving the scene of an accident early this morning after allegedly clipping a pedestrian in downtown Manhattan ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, Lindsay was pulling in to park her Porsche Cayenne near the Dream Hotel in downtown NYC when -- at a very low speed -- she allegedly hit the knee of a 30-something year old guy. That was around shortly after midnight.

We're told one of Lindsay's passengers in the SUV got out and checked the vehicle for damage, and then LiLo and co. went inside the hotel.

We're told someone called police while Lindsay was inside ... and when she walked out of the hotel -- around 2:30AM ET -- officers arrested her.

As Lindsay was taken into custody she frantically screamed, "Call my dad!  Call my dad!"

According to our sources ... Lindsay was taken to the station, fingerprinted, photographed and booked for leaving the scene of an accident -- a misdemeanor -- and then released with a desk appearance ticket ... meaning she did not have to pay bail before release.

We're told alcohol was not involved.

We're told the alleged victim was hospitalized ... however, he was not knocked down or dragged, and didn't have any visible injuries.

This arrest could absolutely trigger a probation violation in Lindsay's jewelry theft case because one of the conditions of probation is she OBEY ALL LAWS.

Even without a conviction, Judge Stephanie Sautner -- the judge in the jewelry theft case -- could haul Lindsay's butt into court if there's probable cause to believe she committed a crime.



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Roger Bootface    

After viewing the picture above, I have seen Ms. Lohan's future. She gets fat. Really fat. TMZ runs pictures and asks "What the hell happened to Lindsey?" After suffering a heart attack, she goes on a crash diet and, at 30, looks the best she has ever looked. Six months later, she is dead from an overdose.

772 days ago


To hear her tell it every time she fvcks up, someone has set her up. So then, why drive? If people are diving under her car in an effort to get nonexistent money out of her and twelve seconds of fame, why drive?

And who is paying for her new Porsche? Maybe the LA police should be investigating the theft of the Mac laptop from the CM while they are mulling over her lies to the police and her vandalism/theft on the Liz Trailer. I'm sure someone set her up for all those things. I bet the CM is looking for fifteen minutes of fame and some money....oh, wait.

772 days ago


in addition to a remedial driving course Lindsay apparently also needs glasses.....

772 days ago


really does sound fishy. I can imagine being hounded in such a way. remember the last time she hit a pedestrian? i imagine this will turn out to be much the same. I wouldn't be surprised if a paparazzi is involved somehow behind the scenes.......

772 days ago


Leaving the scene of the accident is why she was arrested. Hubris gonna be her downfall when nothing else would stick.

772 days ago


she is def a target for this type of thing. her past behavior makes it easy as she is seen as guilty first. that said she has a rep as a shi**y driver who has very little regard for others. might be best to start letting friends do the driving.

772 days ago


But this does lets us know one thing !!!!
She took the time and expense of having that car shipped or driven to NY she has no intention of going back to LA !......
How is the hell can you NO know you hit someone !...Stupid ASS....

772 days ago


there goes that PORNO MONEY..
she will have to make "Canyons"2,3,4,5,6,7, to make this go away..
no one on the planet will believe she is INNOCENT...
unless you are cutters with no skills

772 days ago


6 a.m. Nobody ever got out of the car. Lindsey says.
Yey she was arrested coming OUT of the hotel.

772 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

To all the spin doctors aka enablers on here. Heres a news flash for you.

The police don't arrest you for nothing. Lindsay got arrested because she did a hit n run. Maybe the LAPD don't give a sh!t, but here in NY we don't take or put up with any bullsh!t. Lindsay can't lie her way out of this one.

772 days ago

Spicy mag    

Lindsay and Amanda Byrnes should play a game of chicken and settle this once and for all who is the dumbest.

772 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

Oh and BTW, I hope she lies to the NYPD, see how quick she gets locked up for that

772 days ago


"Nobody got out of the car" we're they all still sitting in it when the police showed up? Oh that's right, they left the car and went in to the hotel. If you are going to lie, Lindsay, at least have it make sense.

772 days ago


Look at the two people who are the top TMZ stories. I think they should be cell mates.

772 days ago

Big Jose    

Amanda Bynes set her up LOL

772 days ago
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