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Lindsay Lohan Arrest

Surveillance Video

Shows Entire Incident

9/19/2012 7:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Surveillance video at The Dream hotel in NYC shows the guy who claims Lindsay Lohan struck him is grossly exaggerating his claim at the very least ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected to the hotel tell us ... the video shows the entire incident and the aftermath.  Lindsay was driving into the hotel, down a ramp. The alleged victim was walking in the pedestrian path, which Lindsay had to cross.

The video shows Lindsay's car -- which is traveling at a crawl -- gets very close to the pedestrian but it's unclear if the vehicle makes contact. In fact, sources tell us ... 2 detectives came to the hotel early this morning and viewed the tape. One detective felt Lindsay's car "grazed" the back of the alleged victim's leg, but the other detective felt the car never made contact.

And it gets better. Once Lindsay clears the area and goes down a ramp, the video shows the alleged victim sprinting after her. The video shows the alleged victim does not get real close to Lindsay, and it doesn't appear that he confronted her, but it appears when he got down there he noticed it was Lindsay -- partly because she had drawn a crowd near the entrance to the club.

When Lindsay gets out of the car at the bottom of the ramp, she does not seem flustered or aware she may have hit someone.

Here's where it gets confusing. For some reason, Lindsay decided to leave the club minutes after arriving, got back in her car and left for a short time ... then came back.

Meanwhile, the alleged victim called 911 and was taken to the hospital by ambulance.


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Oh now TMZ is saying "alleged victim" Harvey must feel like the ass he is after running his mouth the way he did on Anderson before he had any facts at all. This is a scam pure and simple. They guy sees a slow moving vehicle and probably saw it was Lindsay and saw $$$ signs flash before his eye. Maybe he should have called his attorney before he got up and got in her face, he must not know how a victim is supposed to act.

735 days ago


Does this dude know Lindsay doesn't have any money to scam from her?

735 days ago


Clearly she forgot her blow and needed to retrieve it.

735 days ago

LiLo's boy toy    

Un Freeking believable, this is news?

735 days ago


Her Pimp owns the Dream Hotel. Im sure they edited the tape, to save her asz.

735 days ago


They are going to have fun with this one. If one detective is saying one thing and the other the opposite then the video is inconclusive. Unless this guy has actual witnesses or can show an injury, even if it shows up today, he's **** out of luck.

735 days ago


New York is hounding Blo's *ss back to L.A. by any means necessary.

735 days ago

Red Cloud    

LOL!!!! Poor, poor haters. Ya got all excited and thought this would amount to something, right? And how stupid and angry do you feel about that fact that Lindsay is stone cold sober at 2:00 AM? LOL!!! Poor things.

735 days ago


But why would she get out of the car at the bottom of the ramp if she didn't think she hit anyone/thing? She told the cops no one got out, but the tape shows she did. She lied.

735 days ago


I'm no fan of hers, but this guy is obviously out to make a quick buck. If you can't see that, then you're an idiot.

735 days ago


welcome to the show..she has lame movies coming out..Like Dina an Dr. phil. the lohans were being had to do something Drastic to be remembered..
they feel that any press is good press..
Lindsay would Slay Ali for her "15 MIN. of Fame":

735 days ago


Who ever wrote this story is a f'ing moron... First off they are not Doctors nor are the Cops...

Just because it was low speed or barely grazing means nothing if the person had injury's before.

I broke my back and now if I got hit in the hip or leg it could move my l5 just enough I would be having a bad day..

So just because you don't think its enough.. it doesn't matter.. she had no right to touch him at all

735 days ago


He's just another passenger on the Linds gravy train She's innocent, and should fight this tooth and nail. Go Linds!

735 days ago

u iz a cutiepie    

"Here's where it gets confusing. For some reason, Lindsay decided to leave the club minutes after arriving, got back in her car and left for a short time ... then came back."

She went inside to score her crack...can't smoke that inside the club...smells like dirty feet on fire.

735 days ago


How long before NYC hotels ban her patronage?Now would be great for businaee.They could even use that as a selling point."Lohan Free"Zone~

735 days ago
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