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'Muslims' Actress


Court Battle

9/20/2012 9:13 AM PDT UPDATED: 9/20/2012 9:14 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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The actress who claims she was duped into starring in the anti-Islam movie "Innocence of Muslims" just LOST her battle in court -- a judge just refused to force YouTube to yank the film.

As we reported, Cindy Lee Garcia filed a lawsuit against YouTube and producer Nakoula Basseley Nakoula -- aka Sam Bacile -- claiming at the time of filming, she believed she was acting in a "historical Arabian Desert adventure film."

When the film was released, Cindy claimed it had been "changed grotesquely" to "make it appear that Ms. Garcia voluntarily performed in a hateful anti-Islamic production."

Garcia claimed her voice had been dubbed in the movie to include lines that insulted the Muslim prophet Muhammad, which she never uttered.

But today, an L.A. judge denied her request for an emergency injunction that would have required YouTube to remove the film from its site. The judge found Garcia's claims against YouTube are without merit.

Before her hearing, Cindy addressed the media (above), saying her family's lives had been threatened since the film's release, which is why she sought the injunction.

Garcia said, "My whole life has been turned upside down."

Garcia said YouTube should be required to take the movie down because it will cause more problems in the Middle East and for her own life.

During the media conference, Garcia's lawyer says the actress has been subjected to public mortification on a worldwide scale.

"It's degrading, demoralizing ... it affected our ambassador, our Navy SEALs ... I think America needs to stand behind us on this. What [the director] did was wrong. So many people were affected by it."


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BB not bb    

Seaside, if you can believe this, Obama was actually meeting with Long John Silver in the White House, partying in Vegas at a fundraiser, and appering on David Letterman, all while telling the Isrealis who are in town for a UN convention that he had no time to meet with them to discuss the building nuclear crisis in Iran. This is no lie.

729 days ago


YouTube should take it down, not for this woman's sake, but for the sake of the innocent people being attacked.

729 days ago


Okay Cindy. You just showed how stupid you are. Even the White House has dropped the claim that this movie affected our Ambassador or the two ex-Navy Seals. Even the White House has finally admitted that the attack in Libya was a terrorist attack and not about the movie. The attack in Egypt, they were burning Barack Obama in effigy so it's pretty doubtful that that attack had to do with a silly movie either.

729 days ago


Dumb lady she messed with a Satanic Nomad cult and soon they will hunt her down and rub her out

729 days ago


Go back in a hole and stay there till its all over.

729 days ago


I haven't seen the film nor do I want to. Often producers and directors do what they want to do. So she shouldn't be surprised her voice was dubbed, if that's the case.

Was she so dupped that she will give back any money she made doing the film?

729 days ago


anything for advertising herself

729 days ago


What a moron. She chose to be in this film, she willingly put herself in this situation. It took this long to issue a statement from her, you would think if she was so against it, this would have been filled the day it came out.

729 days ago


As if this film no one has ever heard of or seen is the cause of "spontaneous" muslim violence. The people in Egypt were chanting "We're all osama". So much for mr hope & change...

729 days ago

You people need to read this before you start slandering this woman and saying she deserves it. I respect her for trying to take this to court and standing up for the other cast members who were duped into working on this film. They were purposely misled and it's downright evil for a director to do that.

729 days ago


If actors who starred in reprehensible movies could sue producers, everyone who appeared in the remake of "Arthur" would be gazillionaires.

729 days ago


Its Margo Kidder! She's making a comeback!

729 days ago


It's Margo Kidder! She's making a comeback!

729 days ago


She looks like 70's porn star Kay Parker.

729 days ago


The judge was correct not to stop the film. It is protected speech. However, I hope she wins a civil suit against him as I think he was deceptive and the results of his deception have had very negative consequences for the actors.

729 days ago
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