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Paris Hilton

Gay Men Are Disgusting

... Most Probably Have AIDS

9/20/2012 6:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Paris Hilton is under fire for comments she made about gay men ... claiming, "Gay guys are the horniest people in the world ... they're disgusting. Dude, most of them probably have AIDS."

The comments were made during a Sept. 7 cab ride in NYC -- and Hilton's team claims the cab driver secretly recorded the audio while Paris was having a conversation with a gay friend.

During the conversation, a man can be heard bringing up Grindr -- a popular phone app that gay men sometimes use to find sexual partners.

Hilton responds, "Ewwww ... gay guys are the horniest people in the world. Most of them probably have AIDS ... I would be so scared if I was a gay guy ... you'll like die of AIDS."

Hilton's rep has released a statement ... saying, "Paris Hilton’s comments were to express that it is dangerous for anyone to have unprotected sex that could lead to a life threatening disease."

"The conversation became heated, after a close gay friend told her in a cab ride, a story about a gay man who has AIDS and is knowingly having unprotected sex. He also discussed a website that encourages random sex by gay men with strangers."

"As she was being shown the website her comments were in reference to those people promoting themselves on the site. The cab driver who recorded this, only provided a portion of the conversation."

"It was not her intent to make any derogatory comments about all gays."

"Paris Hilton is a huge supporter of the gay community and would never purposefully make any negative statements about anyone’s sexual orientation.”



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It's an opinion, and last I checked anyone can have one... I think we should form a group that forces gays to apologize every time they force people to apologize for their opinions and make them pretend they didnt really mean it. I'm so sick of people/ celebs apologizing for how they really feel just cause the gays start to whine and complain, they are acting like a bunch of middle school kids that didn't get their way. Own it and be proud of your opinion one way or the other.

763 days ago


Well just from the recorded conversation it seems that she does find gay sex disgusting.

763 days ago

Maria Luz    

Even though Paris Hilton is known to have several sex partners, she made a true statement. Many GAYS use unprotected SEX and that is NASTY and GROSS, they pass the deadly decease around to other innocent victims. GAYS want to be accepted, then stop the insanity. I do not agree with Men walking around trying to be women when they clearly have Male organs and an Adams Apple. Common, really now... Accept what you were born with.

763 days ago


Who cares what that stupid druggie says-My veery best friend was a gay man and killed himself 35 years ago---still haven't met his match.

763 days ago


promiscuity and unprotected sex do go on and it is a problem

763 days ago


Paris is right, gay men sex is disgusting, if fact all gays are disgusting, especially the gays that work for TMZ..but the leader of the tmz pack HARVEY, takes the disgusting cake..

763 days ago


I would love to spend a weekend with Paris Hilton she is all woman and I would love to be inside of her and eat her out all night long.

763 days ago


With as much dick as she's had, it would be a toss up as to who's been the most promiscuous, Paris with a sex video A Night in Paris or your everyday gay guy.

763 days ago


And the fun part of them having unprotected sex with HIV partners is that they get their "c-ocktail" to keep alive paid for by taxpayers. Isn't that special?

763 days ago


"The conversation became heated, after a close gay friend told her in a cab ride, a story about a gay man who has AIDS and is knowingly having unprotected sex. He also discussed a website that encourages random sex by gay men with strangers.">> So a gay friend was howing her the website and she made a comment and now she is being critisized? Most straight women think two men having sex is disgusting, they could easily see two women then they could two men, that is just the way it is and always has been. Guys will watch two women and women will watch two women but the only ones watching two guys are gay men. If that is how Paris feels abaout two men that is her business, this was a private conversation being recorded without her knowledge, there is nothing wrong with what she said, the comment about most of them having AIDS was about the website that promoted guys to have unprotected sex with strangers, so she is correct about that statement. She told the truth and those are her feelings toward two men, leave her alone, no reason to attack he for being honest.

763 days ago


I wonder how long it would be before this walking sperm bank showed up

763 days ago


Miss Hilton is only re affirming her righteous religious upbringing, Remember her interpretation of scripture? God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son a brand new cherry red Maserati !

763 days ago


If you read the story and not the headline you will see that Paris is being honest, she is not saying this about all gay men like TNZ is trying to make you believe in the headline. Come on TMZ, you can do better than that, this headline is completely off. I am not a big fan of Paris, she is dumb as a box of rocks and very slutty but she is being honest. A male gay friend was showing her a website that promotes gay men to have unprotected sex with strangers and her male gay friend said he has a friend with AIDS who has unprotected sex. Paris was most likely talking about the gays using that website when she said most gay men have AIDS and the fact is most straight men and women find man on man sex disgusting, the only ones buying male gay pornos are gay men, straight men and women don't and gay women surely won't buy them, a woman will watch two women having sex before they would watch two men so Paris is being honest about that. The cab driver secretly recorded a private conversation and TMZ mis-worded the headline to get everyone to read it and it looks like it worked, kudos TMZ for another misleading headline.

763 days ago


does paris have a lazy eye or is just entitled?

763 days ago


If you know anything about Paris, she was drunk , like Mel Gibson and the rest. I lot of money, big mouth and tomorrow the maid will clean up after thier disgusting habits . But really, she isnt anyone important to go by.

763 days ago
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