Paris Hilton Tries Convincing Judge Lingerie is Important to Me!

4/30/2012 12:20 PM PDT

Paris Hilton Tries to Convince Judge -- Lingerie is Important to Her


Paris Hilton is tied up in court today -- because she wants to show a New York judge she takes her bitter legal battle with an Italian lingerie company super seriously.

If you recall ... Hilton and Le Bonitas -- an Italian lingerie company -- are embroiled in a lawsuit over a product deal gone bad. Hilton signed a 5-year deal  to create a line of lingerie, pj's and swimwear with the company, but the project fizzled ... and now both sides are suing each other.

Hilton showed up to New York federal court today -- where lawyers are arguing key issues -- and sources close to Paris tell us, she showed up because she wants the court to know how important this case is to her and her brand.

Hilton is suing for more than $1.5 million -- the amount she was supposed to snag in royalties -- and Le Bonitas is suing for $200K plus.

12:55 PM PDT -- The judge just sent both sides home empty-handed -- refusing to rule in either's favor, urging Paris and Le Bonitas to settle the case out of court instead. If they can't, they'll have to present their case to a jury later this year.