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Derek Boogaard

Dead NHL Star's Parents

File $9.8 Million Lawsuit

9/21/2012 6:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0921_derek_boogaard_gettyThe parents of former NHL player Derek Boogaard -- who died last year -- have filed a $9.8 million lawsuit against the NHL Player's Association, claiming the org. FAILED to take the proper steps to help them collect the balance on Derek's NHL contract after he passed away.

28-year-old Derek died on May 13, 2011 from a fatal mixture of drugs and alcohol.

In the lawsuit, Derek's parents claim he was addicted to prescription pills at the time of his death ... partly because he had been prescribed "a multitude of narcotics and sleeping pills by both the team doctors, physicians, trainers, and dentists of the New York Rangers and the Minnesota Wild."

Because Derek's parents believe the NHL teams are partly responsible for their son's death, they turned to the NHL PA which promised to help them file a grievance to get the Rangers to pay out the rest of Derek's multi-million dollar 4-year contract with the team.

But, according to the lawsuit, the NHL PA failed to file the grievance by the required deadline, so the Boogaards were unable to collect ... and now the Boogaards are PISSED.

Derek's parents are demanding the NHL PA make things right by shelling out the $4.8 million PLUS $5 million in punitive damages.

A rep for the NHLPA tells TMZ, "We are saddened to read reports that the parents of the late Derek Boogaard have filed a lawsuit against the NHLPA. We have not been served with or seen a copy of the complaint, but we are confident that there is no meritorious claim that can be made against the NHLPA in regard to Derek's tragic death. It is not appropriate to comment further at this time."

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The team doctors are not going to know what his dentist is prescribing. They ask the patient, and the patient usually lies. Who is to blame for the alcohol? It is ALWAYS someone else's fault. They won't win this suit.

728 days ago


you failed at parenting and burried your son for it. and now you want to blame someone else??

728 days ago


This is messed up on several levels. Sadly this guy dies.
Apparently he was still contractually owed money. The NHL said they would work with the family and didn't. That's messed up. The parents are blaming everybody. I'm assumming their son wasn't developmentally delayed and understood the implications of his usage. I also [at least I'd like to believe] assume the parents were aware of his drug problems and notified the necessary personnel within the organization even if they knew that their son would be angry... but maybe he might still been alive if they had... one never knows.
I guess I respect them pursuing the organization if they owed any money and that's fvcked up if the organization wen't more forthcoming with their assistance from the sparse information/misinformation in the "article" but it's sounding too much like the contemporary white family.

728 days ago


Blood money

728 days ago


"Our son was a crackhead and OD'd, but you owe us money her never worked for." Get a life, family full of losers.

728 days ago


I'm sorry if I sounds insensitive, but how is the world can the parents blame EVERYONE under the son for the choices their son made... everyone except for their son who is a grown adult capable of making his own decisions. HE was the one that chose to pump his body full of pills, booze and whatever other narcotics he could. HE is the one that killed himself with drugs. To blame anyone else is to admit they are in a state where they just can't accept what happened. How are they DESERVED money because of their sons bad choices. I guess we know how they were supporting themselves and now that their son isn't there to do it anymore, they need a fast payday.

728 days ago


The timing of this lawsuit is ridiculous, I kind of think the NHLPA has more important things to deal with right now. bearing in mind if he was still alive he wouldn't be getting any money right anyways

728 days ago


Sue the Fking owners/Bettman. They're the rich c*nts who stole yet another season.
But in all seriousness -- very sad to lose the Boogyman; the Ranger's should have just paid up. A respectable franchise would have. Though, they did NOT have to. You get paid if you play, that's how it is. He wanted pills, he still did his job, as dark as that is, it's the truth.

728 days ago


Here we go...the guy was a drug addict....now comes the blame game......the idiot died of drug and alcohol...was his choice to take me, and the bastard died...his own phkn fault........just another drug addicted azz ole that died from his own addiction! Addicts and their idiot parents are always blaming some one else for their stupidity or their child's stupidity....and if Thea parents knew he was an addict..why the hell didn't they intervene?

728 days ago


i'm surprised people are calling the parents lowlifes and opportunistic. Their son was owed 5 million which is his money that he and the Rangers agreed to in a contract, and in his death goes to his next of kin. An in-depth look at the NHL doctors and trainers proved how they were providing him with all these painkillers, so while not solely responsible for his death they did contribute. The bottom line is they are looking for money that was owed to them, perhaps they should should not look for the additional 5 million though.

728 days ago

Mary P    

He returned to the ice for light workouts in March, but collapsed while skating within days. The Rangers sent him back to California for rehab. Aaron Boogaard, who visited his brother there, said the two often exercised and relaxed on the beach while Derek skipped meetings or therapy sessions. Credit card records show that Boogaard spent $32,000 in two weeks there, including $1,200 on dinner one night and $5,000 renting a Porsche. During a recess, he flew to New York, bought more pills and drove them to his apartment in Minnesota.

He and Aaron went from California back to Minneapolis, planning to spend a few days together with Ryan, the other Boogaard brother. On the night of May 12, Derek went out with friends. Before they left the apartment, Aaron gave Derek a 30-mg Percocet tablet he had been holding for his brother.

Boogaard and his friends went to a steakhouse for dinner, where he consumed some mixed drinks along with his steak. They then circulated among four different bars, drinking more as they did.

At 3 am, he called Aaron from the kitchen, where he had been making pancakes, several times, complaining that the bed was spinning. "He was miserable", Aaron recalled. Derek finally stopped, apparently asleep, and Aaron went to a girlfriend's house and did not return until the afternoon.

...overdose of alcohol and oxycodone. "The coroner said with that mixture, he probably died as soon as he closed his eyes," said Aaron. On July 22, 2011, Derek's brother Aaron was charged with unlawful distribution of a controlled substance. The charge was dismissed in October 2011, at the same time he pleaded guilty to tampering with the scene of a death, a misdemeanor, since he had admitted to police that he had flushed the remaining pills down the toilet before they arrived.~~~~~~~ Those pills were street pills both held and bought by both Aaron and Derek. I loved the guy (Wild fan) but they made their own bed here.

728 days ago


Wouldn't an employment contract be null and void after death? How does that work? Would a CEO's contract be paid to the family after death? What authority would the players association have to assist in the collection in the first place?

728 days ago



727 days ago


So Sad that it's all come down to money.
It dosen't matter how much they get it won't change what happened. They need to come to terms with what happened to him, instead of chasing money!

727 days ago


Hey Tmz, it's sad about what happened to the NHL player that died from a drug overdose. I'm just curious about your thoughts regarding the prescription narcotic drugs related deaths amongst celebrities and professional athletes, considering your in the media outlet and all! My book addresses this epidemic issues that is not only affecting high profile people but our families and friends in our own communities. By the way, I'm the author of the Hot new book making a lot of noise within the healthcare community titled- "DOCTORS" The new face of drug dealers. Shining the spotlight on the healthcare industry Greed, Fraud, and Deceptive practices. By Kenya Starr Sibley Http://doctors-thenewfaceofdrugdealers.com/

493 days ago
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