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Amanda Bynes

Friends Are FURIOUS

Her Family Isn't Helping Her

9/22/2012 11:56 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0922-amanda-bynes-tmzSources close to Amanda Bynes tell TMZ her friends are fuming mad with her family ... wondering why they aren't doing more to help the troubled actress before something REALLY bad happens to her.

According to our sources, Amanda's friends do not understand why her family is not being more aggressive when it comes to her wellbeing. We're told her friends are perplexed why they are just standing by and watching Amanda self-destruct.

Our sources say her friends (who feel they have done all they can) want her family to literally break down her door and drag her to get to help.

But that's a problem ... because we're told Amanda has slowly cut off communication from her entire family -- dad, mom, sister and brother -- to the point where she has ceased all communication entirely. 

As TMZ first reported, Amanda's family recently moved from Texas to California to be closer to her. According to our sources, they are having the same level of success helping her now as they did before.



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Her "friends" should just STFU. If she refuses to speak with her family, there's not a lot they can do about helping her. It's all up to Amanda, and right now she's acting like a stereotypical addict...

724 days ago


There is only so much you can do with an adult that doesn't want help. I know from experience in dealing with my fiancee's aging mother that had mental issues (not Alzheimers). You do what you can but for the most part you have to sit back and let them do what they are going to do.

724 days ago


I thought based on the reportage that we were talking about a mino, my googling tells me this Amanada person is 26. I gotta confess I have NO idea who she is not why she is 'famous' enough to make TMZ.

Addicts cannot be helped by force, only by their own choice to stop their addictive behavior and seek out professional help..

This 'celebrity train wreck' will choose to live or choose to die as 100s of others before her have chosen. And her choice will not affect the soundness of my sleep each evening.

724 days ago

Throwback kid    

It is not against the law for Amanda to drive around all day doing nothing with TMZ following you around. I think Amanda just needs a job so she can have some purpose in her life

724 days ago


I just got out of a relationship with an ex who was bipolar and going through a manic episode. For those close to her it will be hell to watch a friend/family member act irrationally and out of control. There is nothing that they can do except not enable her behavior and be supportive once she herself wants help. Manics are addicted to their "high" and usually won't receive treatment until they crash and become depressed. I will keep her in my prayers.

724 days ago


Help with what? Is there a new disease called spoiled bitchitus

724 days ago


"contact" machine explosion scene. My favorite. :-D

724 days ago


Maybe they should be 'friends' and do something about it? Family isn't the only people that can step up to the plate and help her. Or maybe they like her like this so they can go to TMZ and sell some bs story?

724 days ago


Yeah these so called friends care so much about her that instead of getting help for her they feed TMZ information about her private life instead. Some friends they are and I bet TMZ are paying these 'friends' too so they are profiting from her serious issues. Amanda is clearly suffering from a mental breakdown and she needs someone that really cares about her other then her celebrity status or fortune to look out for her and get her the help she needs. Its sad this poor girl is going through this she has always been lovely and sensable and has never gotten into trouble before I hope that she sees what shes doing and wakes up. She was the last person I expected to behave like this so something is definately up with her.

724 days ago


i think her family and her friends should get to together and talk to her about getting help

724 days ago


Celebrity news - the guilty pleasure you're allowed (entitled?) to enjoy when your sex life is over.

724 days ago


No real friends would sell stories to TMZ. That is not ****ing helpful in the least.

724 days ago


The friends have obviously never dealt with an addict.

724 days ago


A person that is mentally ill is the last to know. They perceive things as normal, when they are not.

724 days ago


This may be a very odd and perplexing thing to say, but inspite of this man's personal embarrassments, he's help other actors get past mental illness and alcoholism. Mel Gibson helped Britney Spears and Robert Downey Jr, among the ones we know about (he does it altruistically, not for PR)., may be he might be able to help Amanda Bynes.

724 days ago
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