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Lindsay Lohan

I'm Suing the Dude

Who Said I Was Wasted

9/23/2012 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0922-tmz-lindsay-lohanLinsday Lohan may be a really bad driver, but she was not a really bad drunk driver this week ... so she's going to sue the guy who accused her of DWB -- Driving While Blotto.

You'll recall.... Jose Rodriguez claims Lindsay struck him while she was driving a Porsche this week in NYC.  Rodriguez gave an interview to a reporter and claimed Lindsay was slurring and "smelled like alcohol real bad" at the time of the incident.

The cops and others say Lindsay had not been drinking and alcohol was not a factor in the alleged incident.

We're told Lindsay believes she could lose work if people think she's off the wagon, so she's planning on suing Rodriguez for defamation.

Lindsay is saying, "I'm tired of people lying just to score a quick paycheck."


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Diamond Goddess!    

Is Roderigo paying her legal bills, too? LOL!
Negative attention is obviously better than NO attention for coozes like Blohan & Bynes!

759 days ago


"I'm tired of people lying just to score a quick paycheck."

The same could be said about her acting.

759 days ago


To think someone accusing Lindsay of drinking and driving.... that's preposterous!

759 days ago


Given how many people she's hit with her car, how many people (including the court & the cops) she's lied to, how many times she's driven drunk or stoned, how many times she's been arrested, how many times she's been in rehab only to start drinking again, she's got absolutely no credibility. Go ahead & sue him, dumbass-han; everyone knows you're doing in only for publicity, but that's going to backfire on you...

759 days ago


"...We're told Lindsay believes she could lose work if people think she's off the wagon, so she's planning on suing Rodriguez for defamation."
The biggest secret of all time, that everyone one is in on.
Don't you have to be *ON* the wagon to fall *OFF" ?

759 days ago


Of coarse you are going to sue him Lindsay that is all you know how to do. Let's ask one question to the Idiot Lohan You sue him and win it will cost you more in legal fees because the guy has no money to pay you.

759 days ago


Lindsay what will you do if you sue him and the jury already has a predjudice against you. You have to be the dumbest person on this planet or at least neck and neck with your worthless mother who is begging for a second chance with Dr, Phill, This is not a fight you can win even if you are lucky enough to win,

759 days ago


''Jose Rodriguez'' ew o fcourse it was a nasty mexican accusing a white princess of hitting him, stupid immigrants..x

759 days ago


This walking Nightmare should resign to the FACT that nobody is interested in seeing her work as an actress. She's damaged goods and her time has past. Further its obvious by her lack of work offers that her career as an actor is over and it's nobody's fault but her own. A brilliant job at killing her own career!

759 days ago


She knows that when Liz and Dick comes out she will be so bad that she has to come up with a new reason why people will not hire her. She can still get Jobs in Porn right.

759 days ago


Although this is from sources I kinda hope its true. These s***bag scammers need to be sued for their lies.

759 days ago

who dat    

This is posturing. I doubt any lawyer would attempt this lawsuit. Proving damages would be a high bar to overcome. Of course Lindsay would love walking in & out of court. In her mind, it's the "red carpet" stroll.

759 days ago


Jose Rodriguez lied about the incident, lied about alleged injuries, lied to NYDN, NYPost and was PAID. He deserves to be charged with filing a false police report, wasting police time and deserves to be sued for his lies. I don't think this came from Lindsay Lohan, I think it came from her douche dad Michael Lohan.

759 days ago


Lose work? LOL
I think your occasional Lifetime gig and straight to dvd releases are safe.

759 days ago

Suzy Q     

She's an idiot. Without a breathilzer or field sobriety test by LE, she has no proof she WASN'T drinking. Doesn't matter what the cops "thought". And since most people drink when they're at bars, I go with the "she stank of alcohol" story. Even after a couple cups of coffee and a toothbrushing after she hit him. In a "he said, she said", I believe the victim.

759 days ago
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