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Lindsay Lohan

I'm Suing the Dude

Who Said I Was Wasted

9/23/2012 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0922-tmz-lindsay-lohanLinsday Lohan may be a really bad driver, but she was not a really bad drunk driver this week ... so she's going to sue the guy who accused her of DWB -- Driving While Blotto.

You'll recall.... Jose Rodriguez claims Lindsay struck him while she was driving a Porsche this week in NYC.  Rodriguez gave an interview to a reporter and claimed Lindsay was slurring and "smelled like alcohol real bad" at the time of the incident.

The cops and others say Lindsay had not been drinking and alcohol was not a factor in the alleged incident.

We're told Lindsay believes she could lose work if people think she's off the wagon, so she's planning on suing Rodriguez for defamation.

Lindsay is saying, "I'm tired of people lying just to score a quick paycheck."


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New Thread

696 days ago

john hartil    

For once I think Lindsay is spot on!

696 days ago


No its not new Maddy
They posted it at 1:00 this morning but its so assine that nobody is commenting on it so they just jumped it back up to the top of the list...
What I find so halarious is the numbers on the poles. they are so inflated by TMZ in favor of Lohan is laughable...cause sweetie thair is not that many stupid people in this world....LRFAO

696 days ago


I still stand by my statement that she has no friends.

696 days ago


I hope this goes better than her lawsuit against Pitbull where her lawyers copied their do***ents from LegalZoom & had to drop the case. Keep it classy, Blohan!

696 days ago


Nice try Lindsay. Weren't you also going to "sue" the truck driver you hit for claiming you HIT him? That's your response to intimidating the people you hit, hurt, etc.,

Since when can you SUE anyone for their opinion? And in order to defame you -- someone would have to come up with something that was untrue so let's see... Drug addict...TRUE! Thief...? TRUE! Alcoholic...? TRUE! Useless entitled skank...? TRUE! Floppy, freckled bag of dumb...? TRUE! Untalented, used up hooker...? TRUE!

696 days ago


Typical Lohan BS. Go after the person making the claim. How many times has she threatened to sue now? First off, the guy was just stating his observation. He didn't say she was drunk, he said she was slurring and smelled of alcohol. Second, she can't prove that she wasn't drinking, because no form of test was given to prove she was/wasn't. As for being sick of people lying to score a quick paycheck, she and her "team" do that all the time. Everything out of her mouth is a lie.

696 days ago


Anything is Possible regarding this girl !!!!!!!!!

696 days ago


Lohan always knows what she is pulling when she pulls it. Thats been her game for years. What can I still get away with.

Funny how it's always and only Lohan who claims she has all these friends like her good friend Sam Magid, she was caught stealing from him. She blamed it on Ambien she was 'hazy' then tries to blame it on the black guy then comes up with Suge Knights son he did it.

The only reason he didn't press charges was because he doesn't wan't his business known. Lohan did her damage. No BS blame is going to change that. She's been in NY ever since.

Another good tight 'friend' Zapata drives his car supposedly hits someone, gets arrested for leaving the scene of an accident. The porsche gets traced back to the origional owner in Miami. The registration was never signed over to him. Insurance wise she is on the hook if this guy sues. Good thing is Lohan didn't total it.

696 days ago




Don't worry Lindsay, the circle of rich men that pass you around will buy you another low budget role.

696 days ago


Don't know which Eturd said it, doesn't really matter. Linds IS a thief. She pled guilty to stealing the necklace from the jewelry store. Pleading guilty means that she did it. ERGO, she is a thief. Get over it. Linds stole a fur coat at a club or restaurant. She was later SEEN and photographed WEARING the coat. She was photographed going into the club minus a coat of any kind. When contacted via attorney about the fur coat, she returned the coat, PEED ON and damaged. She is a thief. Sam M's house was burglarized. He called the police BEFORE he found out that it was Linds herself that did it. He withdrew the charges. She is a thief.

696 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Oh no! Amanda Bynes has just moved to NYC. Now she and Lindsay can be besties.

696 days ago


MILO is on ROL with an "exclusive", waving his arms and saying "LOOK AT ME". He needs to just stop. Under the definition of horse's a$$ there is a picture of him. FFS.

696 days ago


LOL! No one takes you serious anymore Linz. Hey New York, she's your problem now. Glad she left L.A. and hope she stays away. By the way Linz, you just got lucky to have landed that role as Elizabeth Taylor. Let's see how long it will be before you get another gig.

696 days ago


You know if I was accused of theft and I didn't do it I would fight the charges. You couldn't talk me into taking a plea or pleading guilty if I didn't do it. I would fight it tooth and nail. Yet Linds pled guilty. That speaks volumes to me.

696 days ago
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