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Lindsay Lohan

Rushed to Hospital

With Lung Infection

9/24/2012 1:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan was rushed to the emergency room in NYC last night ... and sources connected to the actress tell us she's suffering from a bad lung infection.

Lindsay has been telling friends she's been dealing with a bad case of "walking pneumonia" for the last couple weeks -- and last night, we're told things got so bad she had to go to the hospital. 

We're told Lindsay was taken to Mt. Sinai, where she received medication for the infection -- including antibiotics -- and was discharged shortly after. 

Lindsay's currently resting back in her hotel room.


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I hate to be so cynical - but I'd have to see an official medical report to believe this story. Lindsay has a history of claiming illness when she wants to get out if something or deflecting attention from some other situation (I would guess the hit and run, with bonus points for covering her behavior with Scary Movie, also maybe the reactions to the Liz and Dick trailer). Unnamed sources mean Dina, and we know her problems with the truth. Anyway, Lindsay has The Boy Who Called Wolf stamped on her forehead, I'm afraid. Even if someone can verify she went to the ER, that still doesn't mean it was for a lung infection or that it was even a real ailment. Anyone can walk into the ER.

703 days ago


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703 days ago


Does this drama-queen ever run out of drama? Honey, lay off the cigarettes and booze, and just maybe you'll stay out of the headlines...for a week.

703 days ago


Does this drama-queen ever run out of drama? Honey, lay off the cigarettes and booze, and just maybe you'll stay out of the headlines...for a week.

703 days ago


@jwoolman... exactly, the producers didn't believe her and of course she couldn't proove it. Hence the threat of the breach of contract lawsiut. Jeeze, pulling that crap over a lousey cameo.

This girl is just delusional.

703 days ago

Zach Swan    

So being strung out for two weeks and ODing is now called "walking pneumonia". Nice.

703 days ago


Maybe she has so many breathing problems because she smokes 2 packs of ciggies a day? Just a thought.

703 days ago


Treated with with antibiotics and released means she had something that should hve been taken care of at a doctor's office not via the drastically more expensive route of the ER. Supposedly she's been sick for two weeks with it? It's not an emergency you stupid cow but I supposed if you have no intention of paying your bills under any cir***stance what do you care if it costs $2500 to treat what would have cost $110 at a doctor's office?

703 days ago

Suzy Q     

Obviously she's setting up her hit and run defense story.

She had pneumonia and doesn't remember a thing.

She wasn't drinking. That guy she hit was just smelling the "pneumonia" on her breath.

PS: lIndsay , for next time.......FYI - you can't go clubbing if you really have" walking pneumonia". Try a "petite mal seizure" (spacing out) excuse. Much more believable.

703 days ago


It's called Chain Smoking!

703 days ago


Lindsay obviously learned the art of deflection from her pathetic mother. Nice try Lindsay, nobody's buying into this stupid story. Go have a cigarette or maybe just go for the bong....

703 days ago


Still Smoking???

703 days ago

Hot Farts    

All I can keep thinking is GOD PALEEEEZ let this hooker be fixed...if she gets prgs to get money off a guy...the poor poor child!! Maybe all the disease has burned ot her insides

703 days ago


She has been battling a lung infection for a few weeks, but stills goes out and parties and smokes. What a dumb f*ck!

703 days ago


Anyone else besides myself CITED about MNF? OK, who's rooting for who?

703 days ago
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