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Paul Nassif

My Boys Need


9/26/2012 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0925_paul_nassif_article_tmzAdrienne Maloof has accused Paul Nassif of brutalizing their 3 boys  ... and even though the Department of Children and Family Services has determined the allegations are bogus, Paul still wants Adrienne to be a big part of the kids' lives.

Paul's position is especially stunning, given that Adrienne got a court order last week prohibiting him from even seeing the boys.  We broke the story ... Paul is going to court this morning to get that order lifted, but he's telling friends he will not hurt the kids to spite his estranged wife.  Paul says his kids need a mom and a dad, so he will ask for a temporary joint custody order.

Paul says, "I just want this crap to stop.  We need to be co-parents, no matter how we feel about each other."

There are limits, however, to Paul's tolerance.  He'll ask the judge today for an order sanctioning Adrienne for falsely accusing him of child abuse.

As we first reported, the Department of Children and Family Services has written a report saying the child abuse allegations against Paul are "unfounded" ... calling into question a report by psychiatrist Charles Sophy, who concluded Paul hit the boys.



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At least one of the parents of the kids is being reasonable. Adrienne thought she is a Maloof and can make accusations and it does not matter if they are true or false, but i think she should have to now pay for the false Accusations and false restraining order,

758 days ago


This lawyer driven legal strategy of "accusing a parent of abuse" so as to get whatever you want needs to be made illegal. It's dishonest, unethical & completely immoral.

758 days ago


Ain't love grand?

758 days ago


Well, just like ALL OTHER CASES of women, birthing babies and becoming baby mommas. These two fell in love, got engaged, then got married. After marriage they filled that love with having children. Then the both of them got on a reality show and got their egos blown up beyond repair.
ANYONE IN A PROPER RELATIONSHIP, DO NOT AGREE TO REALITY T.V.. Sorry but NONE of the reality couples have PANNED OUT. Get a clue, you become an attention whore while your spouse and children don't go for that, how does it end???? UM DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUH?
Adrienne and her "DOCTOR" just learned that being "FAMOUS" on reality T.V. doesn't mean you can full the public, this is what we need to see more often, especially when the "WOMAN" is trying to "F" over the husband. I don't believe in that and I've got REAL LIFE experience to prove I don't believe in it.

758 days ago


Simply, those people have too much money, that's why they're ending this way.

758 days ago


Paul just buy another set of eggs and have another surrogate give you another round.a la 'celebrity/don't wanna mess my body" style

758 days ago


She's an IDIOT! No man will EVER WANT HER MAN LOOKING SELF, she will ALWAYS be an ATM for men. She UGLY inside and out! I feel sorry for her, for all the money she has she doesn't have COMMEN SENSE or inner or outter beauty...All the time she was married to him she should have gotten a BIG FACELIFT!

757 days ago


Is that guy a plastic surgeon? His nostrils are asymmetric. His wig is awful. His neck could use some tightening. He has a face like a horse. Does he have patients?

757 days ago


hey Paul as a father of children whose mother has pulled the same rubbish i understand what you are going through. stay strong pal.

757 days ago


Isn't Charles Sophy a fame-seeking TV doctor like Pinsky? Sophy had cameos on Celeb Rehab

757 days ago


That DR. Sophy was on the payroll of the HWBH. He appeared in a few shows as the doctor of the housewife whose husband killed himself. Do your homework TMZ

757 days ago


Proving yet again, he is the better of the two. Someone needs to have that hack, Dr.Sophy investigated ASAP. In addition to being a fame w hore, he is as unethical of a doctor as they come, if he is a doctor at all.

757 days ago

Cheryl A.    

I still don't know who these people are but at least Paul is being the bigger person and is trying to do what is best for his children.

757 days ago


Who is this?
Hey TMZ how about some reports on my next door neighbor

757 days ago


Yes, children need a mother in their lives but not a lying, scheming skank. There are a lot of decent women who will take on children and raise them as their own. Decent, honest women.

757 days ago
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