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Johnny Lewis

String of Violent Crimes

Before Alleged Murder

9/27/2012 10:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Johnny Lewis Mug Shot
Johnny Lewis
-- the "Sons of Anarchy" actor suspected of murdering his landlady Wednesday before falling off a roof to his death -- was convicted of several violent crimes in 2012 ... TMZ has learned.

According to official records, Lewis committed felony assault with a deadly weapon on January 3rd. The records don't specify the details of the crime, but they do show he was subsequently ordered to complete a rehab program for "treatment of mental health and/or drugs and alcohol."

The records also indicate Lewis was arrested on February 10th. Law enforcement sources tell us, he sucker-punched a man on his way out of a yogurt shop for no apparent reason.

Eight days afterwards, on February 18th, Lewis was arrested again for burglary. According to law enforcement sources, he had tried to break into a woman's house through a window, claiming he was looking for a friend ... but when the woman called cops, he took off.

Lewis was convicted of felony assault following his January arrest, and sentenced to a year in county jail. Lewis was also convicted of battery and burglary following his February arrests, and sentenced to 303 days in jail for those two crimes.

It's unclear exactly how many days he served and whether he spent the majority of his time in jail or in rehab. Lewis was ultimately released from jail SIX DAYS AGO on September 21st.

(FYI -- The mug shot for Lewis' felony assault arrest is unavailable because the LAPD doesn't release mugs.)


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Patricia Wiker    

Well he must have been messed up all fame and no gain he fell to his death and I feel sorry for his parents what a shame what a shame!

759 days ago


Good riddance, loser.

759 days ago


I hope Satan is tappin his ass with a red hot poker. Screw him and good riddance!

759 days ago


S***bag. If there's a hell....I hope he's in it.

759 days ago


They let this guy out repeatedly, no room in the jail, and Fred Willard gets arrested for masturbation.

759 days ago


American justice system at its finest....

759 days ago


It sounds more like mental issues rather than drugs. You will hear at some point its probably Paranoid Schizophrenia. I have a relative with it and this sounds a lot like it. Mental health and possibility of drugs makes it 10x worse. Sad for the victim.

759 days ago


LA doesn't release mugshots????? REALLY?????????

759 days ago



759 days ago


I just hope those commenting about the American justice system remember cases like this when they are asked to vote for a tax increase to expand or build prisons in their area. It isn't cheap to keep criminals locked up and I doubt the judges would give early releases to people like this unless they are forced to by Federal and State regulations.

759 days ago


world better off without Johnny in it...good riddance

759 days ago


Some of you are so fricken' out-of-line mean. Just say he's dead, leave out the name calling! Unless you are perfect, which I assume you think you are...

759 days ago


Again, I am so sorry that our police dept and our political system (thanks Ronald Regan) killed two more people. Johnny, and this old woman. if you want the mentally ill to be treated instead of shot dead, or incarcerated please understand people with sick brains don't know they are sick..

759 days ago


Never EVER believe the drug fiends who tell you that hard drugs like crack, crystal meth, bath salts, PCP, heroin, acid and so forth won't hurt you.

They will flat out fry your brain! They will end up ruining your life.

Some people fry their brains so bad they end up clinically insane, become criminals, and before long .... DEAD ... just like Johnny is now ... along with an innocent woman who was his landlord.

759 days ago


u cant criminalize insanity. putting someone in jail doesnt rehabilitate them they need meds and therapy!

759 days ago
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