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Mel Gibson

Who You Callin'

Sugar T*ts?

9/27/2012 2:45 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

0927_mel_gibson_SplashMel Gibson suffered a wardrobe malfunction and accidentally flashed one of his supple man boobs while out walking around Malibu on Wednesday.

Even the King of Malibu has a nip slip every now and then.


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chubbs McBuff    


758 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

Really, TMZ? You jealous much Mike? LOL!!

That's called a very manly pec and it's in very good shape!

758 days ago


Man the Heebs at TMZ never miss a chance to take a shot at Mel do they? Talk about a vengeful people.

758 days ago

girl unimpressed    

dear Old Men everywhere: please keep your shirts on and buttoned all the way up!

757 days ago


Sugar t*ts? He appears to be in good shape to me...

757 days ago


Huh? So tmz is constantly showing mostly bared women and men, and somehow MG's unbuttoned shirt is supposed to be news?! tmz couldn't make it more obvious that they will use any excuse, no matter how lame, to pick on or disparage MG.
One might want to pause and think what's their motive on this "witch-hunt" against MG.

As to "mad" face:
If you, throughout your life, had them pesky paps constantly getting on your face, invading your privacy, or, as of late, had the media thoroughly and incessantly vilifying you along with their zombie followers that eat whatever news they are fed without any questioning, you'd probably get a "mad" face too, particularly upon seeing two paps approach you taking pixes.
For those who waddle in the foam of their jealousy, yes, MG has a lot going for him, but remember, the grass is always greener over the fence...

As to the mirror not showing anyone:
It doesn't show MG because he is next to the mirror, not in front of it.
And it does show, if my eyes don't fail me, two people on the mirror. This convex mirror is very wide angle, which means that the subtended image angle from an object at a distance will be smaller than if the mirror were flat, making the image of the people look little or far. You might have seen a notice on the rear-view mirror on the right side of your car that says: "Caution, objects may be closer than they appear on the mirror." It's the same here, except the effect is even greater.

755 days ago


Oh, and BTW:
MG is looking great!
For all I care, he could walk around bare but for his faithful medallion.

755 days ago


what a lovely man, quite a fit form
a manly face, no anger
M.G. looks comfortable, the attire is perfect
goodness is the only effective 'weapon'
G-d Bless

755 days ago


He is as sexy as always! As we say in my country: A beauty can wear whatever!

754 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!

Don't miss the video clip. :)

748 days ago
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