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Arnold's Secret Son

Walking (Very) Tall

Before Dad's Book Release

9/28/2012 9:40 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

With Arnold Schwarzenegger's tell-all autobiography about to come out, it seems only fitting that his all growed-up love child Joseph Baena and his baby mama/former maid Mildred Baena would be spotted out in Bakersfield, CA on Thursday.

As we reported earlier, Arnold says his affair with Mildred was the "stupidest thing" he did during his marriage to Maria Shriver and revealed he has not shown her the book yet either.

Fun fact: Schwarzenegger's book comes out on Monday ... the day before Joseph's 15th birthday. 

Wonder what Arnold is getting him for a gift.


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stephen mumbles    

"Momma, why am I so big, strong, and talk like the Hulk?"

"Well, son...uhhh"

I'm sure he's relieved to know that the Terminator is his father. It's slightly better than being told you're adopted. Hearing that your father is a super famous actor who will most likely give you enough money to live happily for the rest of your life.

718 days ago


Well, IMO the kid looks more like Travolta than he does Arnold. Just and observation.

718 days ago


This woman and this child should be left alone. For those calling her a gold digger, don't forget, she was a maid to Arnold and Maria and basically a poor person UNTIL the media found out about the affair. She lived that way for over 12 years. She would have continued without "digging for gold." You people are horrible.

718 days ago


WOW! He looks like his dad!

717 days ago


when an affair ends up with you making a kid, the best thing is to be diplomatic, i am not sure like what I did was not honorable in my marriage but I ended up fathering my son, I love my son but I wish I was a better man...well try your best not to hurt more your son, your marriage is gone so why break your son's heart?

717 days ago


this kid looks mor elike arnold than any of the wedlock kids. Andf why is everyone hating on the lady? maria shriver looks like skeletor.

716 days ago

KATHY =( ^-^ )=    

Scary..and he had to breed with genes that breed fatness,and ............. ignorance..

716 days ago

KATHY =( ^-^ )=    

Also there's no muscle on this kid. He looks like all the anchor babies and illegals in the LAUSD..Even if though he hit the lottery..But not on all heritage..

716 days ago

Hawaiian cutie    

The son of Arnold the pig should walk tall. He had nothing to do with his idiot dad using the wrong head. And, Mildred you were wrong for not having any respect for Maria while "you" were living with a man. Learn what boundaries mean and don't clean any more houses with husbands in them. You can't be trusted.

706 days ago


Disgusting low-life life people alway trying to make a way to make themself look innocent.she knew who she was mating with she want to play the I am innocent and dum immigrant face to the think these immigrant don't know any better but they know more than you think. I feel bad for maria but as you see man laid down with anyone even animals.

313 days ago
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