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Johnny Lewis

DEEP Scientology Ties

9/28/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Johnny Lewis
-- the "Sons of Anarchy" star who murdered his landlady, dismembered her cat and then fell to his death in what appears to be a drug-fueled rage -- had deep ties to Scientology and its drug abuse program ... TMZ has learned.

We've learned Johnny's father, Michael Lewis, has reached one of the highest levels in the Church of Scientology. In fact, in the 80s Michael co-wrote a movie with L. Ron Hubbard about L.Ron's "discovery" of Dianetics. 

Johnny was also active in the Church, especially the drug abuse program -- Narconon. In 2004, Johnny is seen (above) speaking at a substance abuse prevention event in the O.C. on behalf of Narconon. The reason Johnny spoke was because he was in a new show, "Quintuplets," and Scientology posted on its website that Johnny's mother used the principles of Narconon to keep him off drugs, and it worked.

Ironically, it didn't work because -- as we reported -- Johnny was in rehab this year (not Narconon) and eyewitnesses say he was clearly on drugs at the time of the murder.

Interestingly ... after we contacted Scientology about this story, they removed the photo of Johnny from all of their websites as well as the story about his appearance at the O.C. drug abuse event.

A Scientology source tells TMZ ... Lewis was not active in the Church for several years.


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Whackadoodle CULT

764 days ago


I smell Scientology silencing.

Smoke and mirror the addicted & unstable guy that knows too much and share the KFC blend of herbs and spices.

764 days ago


Well one thing is for sure if this story is true. Scientology does not have a good drug rehab program.

764 days ago


Ok,so when is this disgusting vile abhorent CULT going to be shut down? I simply do not understand how people can be so gullible, It would be awesome if Cruise, Travolta et al would do a complete 360... and denounce this shyte fest, might actually help their careers a tad. Wishful thinking I know.

764 days ago

Mary McC    

Narconon is a dangerous Scientology based program. It is loaded with false information that prevents addicts from obtaining real help for their addiction. Both Scientology and Narconon are rabidly against any form of mental health treatment, including therapy, and incorporate these beliefs into the program so it is not surprising that this man didn't get appropriate help when he first needed it. Most likely by the time he received it, it was too late. I feel very sorry for the parents, high level Scientologyists who raised him in all this but they, together with the church, made a monster out of him. This is why Narconon and the church of Scientology are trying to delete history. Their My sympathies are with dear old Ms. Catherine Smith and those injured workers who came upon Johnny's raging path.

764 days ago


All religions are man-made, and I mean MAN-made.

764 days ago


Should have known it ! That's a bunch of twisted folks to begin with...... and some drugs and see what happens !

763 days ago

Bitch please    

May his soul never rest in piece and burn in HELL for eternity. POS ba§tard.

763 days ago

just because    

I am ON POINT RIGHT NOW because i just researched what it takes to be katie holmes boyfriend and you just can't be 5 years her senior! luckily i am 7 years her younger and one time my 8th grade english teacher told me i had tom cruise breath taking looks

763 days ago

just because    

i even wrote an essay on tom cruise in college it was on scientology ron ll hubbards and dyslexia and his oprah jumping on couch and his scientology awards acceptance speechi even defended tom cruise throughout the whole thing and got an A- in the course

763 days ago

Bitch please    

Now before all you people call me racist and §hit, let me tell all y'all....u r WRONG! So anywho why is it that bitch a§§ looking white boys always kill similar to this way. Look at that other freak white bitch boy that killed innocent people at that premiere of Dark Knight. Whats up with that. Mike at TMZ do you have any answers?!?

763 days ago

Bitch please    

Why is it that mostly white people are in that cult. Is this a prejudice cult. Mike at TMZ do you have any answers?!? You seem to think that you know everything.

763 days ago


Easy to point the finger and blame Scientology but the fact remains the same..he was an adult and capable of making life choices and responsible decisions. He was an a hole and messed up BAD and he's not gone. Move on TMZ no need to polish this turn anymore. Sick of reading about this story. RIP to his innocent victim and quick healing to his many other victims.

763 days ago


i'd like to know who referred this POS to live there.......

763 days ago

Dan Kemp    

This Explains everything... Remember when Satan asked Muhammoud to sacrafice his son.... damn... no clue... anyhoot... Scientology and Murder seem like a Good Fantasy Novel.....TMZ must hate Hubbard and Cruise somethin' Serious..comedy..)dk

763 days ago
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