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Maria to '60 Minutes'

You Tick Tick Tick Me Off!

9/29/2012 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0928_60_minutes_maria_shriver_articleGet this ..."60 Minutes" did its interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger without ever contacting Maria Shriver -- to get her take on the things he said in his autobiography ... and she's not happy about it.

Sources very familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... a "60 Minute" producer made calls Monday to friends of Maria -- AFTER Arnold's interview was shot -- to see if she had a general comment about the book ... but the producer never gave specifics about what Arnold said in the interview or the book.  We're told the piece was already in the can, and Maria had "no interest" in commenting -- especially because it's ridiculous to wedge a comment of hers in a long piece.

One source says, "The piece is a blow *** for Arnold.  Lesley Stahl just fawned over him," adding it was no surprise Maria's point of view was never solicited before Stahl sat down with Arnold.

As we first reported, Arnold never offered an advance copy of the book to Maria.  A close friend of hers tells TMZ, "She knows the book is a big PR stunt to get back in the public's good graces."

As for whether Maria will read the book, we're told she has no burning desire  One of Maria's friends told us, "What Maria has already been through ... nothing surprises her anymore."


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This ugly b*tch needs to shut the eff up. She's gotten a free ride for the last 30 years. She does not need to coattail anymore of Arnold's fame. She's a d*mn pathetic Kennedy. Let her go mooch off of Ted's trust or some sh*t. Pathetic! Skeletor looking b*tch!

756 days ago


Kennedys can't stand no longer having 100 percent control over how Camelot is portrayed in the press. She hates it so much she's running to ... TMZ to get her spin out. Definitely a rotting fairy tale.

756 days ago


Ugly c*nt!

756 days ago

Bitch please    

Im on Maria's side to some extent, but dayum that face!

756 days ago


Arnold your are such a puck!!
But I always knew that
Great, now the whole world knows
Who the hell treats their wife or kids mother this way?
Only a fu-cken loooser!!
U suck!!!

756 days ago


He's an idiot but I'm sorry there is no way she didn't know he was a douche before during and after they were married. The man was the original "Situation" she has herself to blame.

756 days ago


I hope Maria Shriver runs for Govenor. She will show the so called Govenator how to actually be a Govenor instead of pretending to be one,

756 days ago


Mitt romney was so embarassed to have Arnold speak at the Republican convention Romney thought it would be safer to embarass his camagin with an empty chair than with an empty politician.

756 days ago


Funny when arnold ran for govenor the state of California had two choices Arnold Swartznagger or porn actress Mary Carey the state of California may have made the wrong choice,

756 days ago


Leslie Stahl is a lib reporter who gets few things exactly what do you expect when she is giiven a celebrity. All libs suck up to celebrity. Arnie said he was a conservative, but turned sharply left in offfice in California...just Leslie's type. By the's it going with governor Moonbeam you left coast losers.

756 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

Who to feel sorry for? A putrid lying, c-nting, thieving Kennedy wh0re or her philanderer husband who humiliates her at every turn? Shocked they got divorced as that was one marriage made to last. They suit each other.
You sleep with pigs you end up with fleas. Kennedys are known s***. Arnold wanted to be one. He succeeded. Rotting fairy tale is right.
Speaking of fairies ... apparently their son Patrick is one. According to the gossip out there.

756 days ago


Maria knew he was writing this book, she should have known that he was going to write about this from "HIS POINT OF VIEW. If she didn't want to listen to women who came together to inform her as a group of his past actions and then go out on a public stage telling people YOU CAN BELIEVE WHAT THESE PEOPLE WHO DON'T KNOW ARNOLD OR YOU CAN BELIEVE ME". What I want to know is when will you apoligize to those when who warned you and you ignored and brushed off what they were saying? Why should anyone feel pitty for you? When you actually file the divorce papers, this fool will continue to drag and defame you in public. You could get an anullment from the Church after the divorce, I am sure that the POPE will sign off on your papers.

756 days ago


Suck it up Maria, you married the clown... What did she ever see in him???????? He is nasty looking and does not even speak clear english.....

756 days ago


Photoshop has met its match.

756 days ago


Don't worry Maria... No need to comment, there is NO way we will EVER respect Arnold and him writing a book about it all is just adding 'pathetic' to my adjectives for him.

756 days ago
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