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Maria to '60 Minutes'

You Tick Tick Tick Me Off!

9/29/2012 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0928_60_minutes_maria_shriver_articleGet this ..."60 Minutes" did its interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger without ever contacting Maria Shriver -- to get her take on the things he said in his autobiography ... and she's not happy about it.

Sources very familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... a "60 Minute" producer made calls Monday to friends of Maria -- AFTER Arnold's interview was shot -- to see if she had a general comment about the book ... but the producer never gave specifics about what Arnold said in the interview or the book.  We're told the piece was already in the can, and Maria had "no interest" in commenting -- especially because it's ridiculous to wedge a comment of hers in a long piece.

One source says, "The piece is a blow *** for Arnold.  Lesley Stahl just fawned over him," adding it was no surprise Maria's point of view was never solicited before Stahl sat down with Arnold.

As we first reported, Arnold never offered an advance copy of the book to Maria.  A close friend of hers tells TMZ, "She knows the book is a big PR stunt to get back in the public's good graces."

As for whether Maria will read the book, we're told she has no burning desire  One of Maria's friends told us, "What Maria has already been through ... nothing surprises her anymore."


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Am I the only one seeing Kim Zolciak????????

756 days ago


They are divorcing, he owes her nothing. That Maria is looking rough these days!

756 days ago


why include her in his interview?

and pray tell, why is she so pissed at him? she excuses the exact same behavior....and worse!!!...from her family members so she really ought not b*tch about him.

756 days ago


... .now the top story - 60 mins.

756 days ago


They're both d-bags.

756 days ago


Where is Mike Wallace when you need him? I've always said Leslie Stahl is the worst reporter I have ever seen. She is light and her red lipstick overpowers both she and the guest. Sixty Minutes is not what it used to be. Miss Mike, Dan and Ed.

756 days ago


TMZ: Why would you say Maria was ticked ticked ticked off at 60 minutes, when she has no interest in commenting on his book? Also, this 60 Minutes is no Don Hewitt-produced program. He had class. And, why would the producers not ask her directly for comments instead of her friends?

756 days ago


Without her makeup, she looks like a witch. How would you like to look at that while making love. No wonder Arnold went to other women for sex. He married her for her Kennedy connection to power. The Kennedy's are all dying. GREAT!!! No more power from that evil group. I can't wait until they all go away.

756 days ago


With the stretch marks on her lips, she must have blown some pretty big cigars in her life. But the cream didn't do justice to her complexion.

756 days ago

Josef U    

I think Gary Stella is back in rehab. He's been running this charade for a months. I knew it would be just a matter of time that his house of cards would come crashing down. It's a shame that a 50 year old man would put his friends and family through this. It's a lot of work trying to be cool and interesting, rather than just being you. No amount of facebook posts will give you cred. Bless his heart.

756 days ago


The only reason anyone is going to read this douchebag's book, is so we can laugh at his thoughts, comments and how much of an idiot he is...I mean how do u explain the fact he couldn't keep it in his pants for 15, 20 years??

756 days ago


Lesile Stahl professed that she found him so charming! With her experience,you think she could spot a narcissistic sociopath (known for their "charm".)
He would be a great match for Kris Jenner!

756 days ago


It's fascinating how incredibly ignorant you people are. Please do not reproduce! There should be some sort of test you have to take before you're allowed to vote so that you can demonstrate that you at least understand what's going on. No wonder California is practically bankrupt. Fools!

756 days ago


ARNOLD is a user and married her for the Kennedy influence to get into politics. He is lean with empathy and a sociopath. Maria spent her time breaking laws he made and more that were always in place so she was a lousy wife for a governor too. MARIA was talking on her cell phone and gave one away when the next day she got stopped again breaking the same law but with a new phone she intended to get. Parking in the red and handicapped, double parked .. whatever Maria wanted she did. He's a known whore and she's uglier than a pile of rocks with her rotted face. She made fun of all California by her breaking rules and laughing over it so what she is shows in her face. The Kennedy's are all whores... the beautiful lady and mother who KILLED HERSELF OR WAS SHE MURDERED? I do not believe she would have left her children seeing her like that so I opt for another Ted Kennedy killing...the murder in the lake .. he was too drunk to help her but he got out of the car lie. And that ugly Kennedy husband flaunted his relationship with the ugly actress. No way would his wife have left her children with a memory of her hung ... she would have overdosed since she was a drinker and had drugs available had she wanted to kill herself ... but ..NO .. she opted to hurt herself .. nah....another Kennedy murder. We are used to them by now. ARNOLD IS A DOUCHE AND SO IS MARIA ... the hideous maid, well, in fact she and Arnold at this time are both ugly and should be together. What a mess for all the kids he spawned and what's with Leslie Stahl and her flirting with Arnold .. left wing media will take America to the grave. Heil Obama in office it's like reliving Hitler next term when he gets in and they will all be vetted and complimented from him for his victory as the USA drops further down and down. ARNOLD AND MARIA AND THE MAID ARE ALL FREAKY LOOKING. Not buying the book, we already can guess the details but Maria is no saint either and we don't like her for flaunting her position as his wife when he was governor and thinking she could get by with it... she did .. now she's humiliated .. do we care? NO in fact GOOD

756 days ago


If I ever came to work for TMZ I want to be the guy who's shuffling stale news around the front page at weekends.

756 days ago
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