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Lindsay Lohan

I Want My Attacker


9/30/2012 12:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0930_lindsay_lohan_2Lindsay Lohan is on the other side of an arrest for a change and she wants to see the guy who allegedly attacked her early this morning prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. 

According to our sources, Lindsay is telling friends she is still in shock over what went down this morning at her hotel room in NYC. We're told she is sticking to the story she told cops -- that the man, Christian LaBella, attacked her after she confronted him for taking pictures of her and her friends.

We're told Lindsay believes Christian befriended someone in her group earlier that night at the club -- with the sole purpose of getting close to her. According to our sources, when Lindsay and her friends headed back to the hotel Christian tagged along.

Our sources says, later that night, Lindsay caught Christian recording her with his cell phone inside her hotel room. When Lindsay tried to stop him, she saw he had taken over 50 photos and videos and had been emailing them to friends. 

According to our sources, Lindsay is not badly hurt -- no bruises, but a few scratches -- and plans on cooperating with police fully so Christian can prosecuted for the alleged attack.

The grass is always greener when you're not the one being accused of a crime.


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Fuck Celebrities    

Right... more likely she didn't want to pay for the good stuff.

731 days ago


Oh, and she's off. Lohan cut the crap. Her version of trying to still on this hotel bill.

Nice try Lohan, of course she's in shock bla,bla,bla...Sorry too busy laughing.

731 days ago

Lindsay Lohan Fan Forever    

He shouldn't get away this and fortunately she isn't badly hurt.

731 days ago


Her version of trying to stiff on her hotel bill. They didn't provide proper safty so she shouldn't have to pay it.

731 days ago


Lohan don't you get it your being laughed at moron.

731 days ago


Why did she go back to the room he was in after he attacked her the first time?

731 days ago


She takes her diseased sick self wherever she goes & is nothing but trouble with a capital T for police officers in every state of the union.
It must feel awful to be her 24/7!

731 days ago


Lohan cooperating with the police? Lohan demanding the police prosecute someone? What's happening ?!?!

Lohan being an obtuse hypocrite? Lohan being the victim? Never mind, it seems all is well.

Can TMZ just admit that the sources here are Lindsay and Dina? Sometimes Michael?

731 days ago


What an idiot. She just brings random people back to her hotel with her from the "club" - after giving interviews saying she was no longer interested in going to "clubs" even though she still seems to be at one every single night.
What a piece of garbage. Anyone that accuses her of anything it's "its not true!" but if anyone does anything to her it's "lock them up for life!"
I hope they dismiss the charges and tell her to quit tying up the legal system with her bullsh!t.

731 days ago


They should arrest and prosecute her for stealing his phone.

731 days ago


This guy should get the same punishment that Lindsay always gets, a nod and a wink from the court system.

731 days ago



731 days ago


I guess Spielberg will have to cast someone else in his next film as Lohan is too busy at bars and nightclubs.

Hollywood holds its collective breath waiting for Lohan to get her act together.

All television and film production in Hollywood has stopped because Lindsay Lohan is partying.

731 days ago


Right. She wants the guy prosecuted and will cooperate fully with law enforcement to make sure it happens. So, she's of the mind set that when everyone else breaks the law they should be held accountable, except for her?! She's a real piece of work and I have no sympathy for her! She's constantly begging trouble and deserves what she gets. Go away Lindsay Lohan!

731 days ago


Homebody ?

731 days ago
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