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Lindsay Lohan


Calls Him Fraud, Bully

9/30/2012 4:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0930_lindsay_tweetSeems the excuse-making shoe is now on the other foot as Lindsay Lohan is now defending mother Dina and her insane interview with Dr. Phil ... placing the blame squarely on his shoulders.

Dina seemed completely out of it during her interview with Dr. Phil that aired earlier this month (check out a clip below), swearing she was not drunk.

Lindsay came to her mother's defense on Twitter yesterday, saying Dr. Phil should be "ashamed" of himself and calling him a "fraud" and a "bully."

Apparently those are all buzz words in the Lohan Guide to Excuses and Blame Shifting.



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@futmz...exactly. Want's a do over. Probally looking for another 50k. So desperate. She already showed her true colors. Wasted on whatever, avoiding every question, flipping her middle fingers, very classy. That's why she's trying to push her way on Dr. Drew to try and spin it. Like that's going to work.

She's a 50 year old woman for god's sake. You acting like a 25 year old was 25 years ago.Guess she likes to embarress herself. She does it well.

Give it up no one believes you.

721 days ago

Chuck D of Valpo    

Back by my own popular demand and apologies to the Flintstones.
"Lohans, meet the Lohans! They're your modern day messed up family.
From the state of New York. They're in a place now called misery.
Let's ride with the family down the street.
To every drug dealer that they can meet.
When your with the Lohans, you'll have a doob time. You'll gag on a fat line. You'll lose your money every time!!!!"

721 days ago

Joan K    

Dr. Phil was way too easy on this POS. He even told her they could stop if she wanted to and she didn't. LL doesn't know when to give it up already, they can do no wrong and everyone else is wrong in their eyes. Dumb azz.

721 days ago


The delusion never stops with them lying, accusing, drinking and drugging and of course blaming is all in their DNA, can they just disappear forever already???

721 days ago


I agree with Lindsey.

This "dr" phil is a charlatan and should be taken off TV as he misleads a lot of people and likely causes a lot of heartache for the vulnerable.

721 days ago


At least LILO got something right, Phil is a fraud. He's not a medical doctor at all, he has a b/s degree, but LILO and Dina need to shut up! Dina was out of it, it's on tape, there are no excuses for it. Why would I believe a thief??

721 days ago


Liho should be ashamed of herself, she's a fraud calling herself an actress and a human being!

721 days ago


just one lying thieving wh*re making excuses for another lying thieving wh*re.

721 days ago

Chuck D of Valpo    

So, did LieLo tweet about how many block buster movies she has signed up for? Must be so many, she cannot list them.

721 days ago


So then there is something wrong with her? Because if she's as fine as she claims she is, why is she vulnerable? And I doubt Dina was kidnapped and forced to do it.

721 days ago


Dear Lindsey, you and everyone of your family are 'media wh*res'. NOW you get defensive? My, how you protest too much.

721 days ago


Lindsay, Dina - if you don't want people saying you are a drunken, meth headed, rude, arrogant, sloppy, delusional, disease ridden $10 truck stop hooker - then DON'T ACT LIKE ONE.

721 days ago


Watching this just now, I think Dr. Phil wa a complete gentleman.....The music was a bit much , but he was not out of line . I don't see it

721 days ago

World Record    

50,000.00 ? Maybe she didnt see the same interview that I watched, All I saw was a dumb Slow-Han dodging every question that was asked. Defending a drug addict, and blaming her ex husband for all her wrong doing . Mr Slow-han isnt a saint ,but she was drunk or on a drug, Shes such a moron. She better look in the mirror, her daughter is a train wreck and she needs to act NOW to save her daughters life

721 days ago


I felt bad for Dr Phil becasue he had planned on a certain type of interview and then after a report from his staff and the first question- it was obvious that he wasn't going to be able to drive the interview in any constructive direction
she had plenty of time to redeem herself and pull her act together and didn't/couldn't
it wasn't a case of her being nervous during the show- it was plain to see that something else entirely was going on
so Lindsay shouldn't be saying anything
her complaining now just brings the whole fiasco back and reminds us just how pathetic her and her family really are

721 days ago
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