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Jason Aldean

Drunken Walk of Shame

Caught on Tape

10/1/2012 12:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jason Aldean wasn't lying ... the married country star WAS a drunken mess on that night he macked on "American Idol" contestant Brittany Kerr ... and TMZ has the video that proves it. 

We shot the footage last week ... showing Aldean and some of his buddies stumbling out of "The Den" bar and grill on the Sunset Strip and into a waiting taxi.

At the time, we had no idea the guy had been making out with the "Idol" singer ... we just knew he was hammered ... so, nothing special. 

But now it's another piece of the puzzle that could explain what went down in the bar.

FYI -- you can plainly see Aldean's wedding ring in the video ... so Kerr's excuse that she didn't know he was married is dubious.

The question ...


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Jason, just don't become and do what Garth Brooks did. ok?!

753 days ago


She is also an NBA Charlotte Bobcats cheerleader.

753 days ago


You now, I believed her before when she said she didn't know he was married, but now I'm not so sure. Afterall, he could've taken the ring off before he went into the club and put it back on before he left. However, what I suspect now is that this isn't the first time their lips (and other body parts) have locked and they were both too drunk to remember to keep it PG in public.

753 days ago

S D M F    

Is that your excuse why you also filled your dressing room with skanks in AZ? Man up stud, you are no different then anyone else. You got caught and that could and should cost you more then your marriage! Douchebag!

753 days ago


...♫♪ ♫ we hit all the money flowed like wine...till the lowdown southern whiskey...began to fog my mind...I don't remember church bells...or the money I put down...on the white picket fence and the house on the edge of town ♪ ♪♫...

753 days ago


What a fat, ugly, simple slob.

753 days ago


what a manwhore!!!

753 days ago


Oh please, 80% of ya'll are a bunch of liars.

753 days ago


He doesn't look that wasted in the video to me. He's not stumbling down drunk. I'll bet his wife would like to know how many other women he actually followed through with on a hook up in some bar while he's out on the road. His fame will not last forever. Singers come and go. He'll lose his popularity as he gets older. They all do.

753 days ago


Ummmm, YEP, he's hammered. And, YEP, he's got his ring on, sooooooooo what's your point? You don't just FORGET you're married, yet he must have forgotten his manners!

753 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Just because he was wearing it outside, doesn't mean she ever saw it. Anyway, there really does seem to be this lopsided blame that goes on when men play around. And then some kind of unspoken excusing of the men, like "boys will be (controlled by their penis) boys" and the women are supposed to be responsible penis police--if they're not, they must be evil harlots out to seduce these poor, weak, blameless men.

753 days ago


Ok, actually it was just REALLY loud in there and they had to get that close to hear each other. And he's only holding onto her because he was soooooo drunk, she was keeping him from falling down right?????????????????????????

753 days ago


The guy would never get a laid if he wasn't a country star. He looks like a typical ugly chubby redneck....dumb one too. I bet he's shlting pickles right now because he so scared he got busted. Haha.

753 days ago


What happened to women having a shred of dignity... HELLO- THE RING IS RIGHT THERE S*ut.

753 days ago


Of course she's lying! I'm glad tmz caught his ring on tape. She is an aspiring singer on American Idol and he's a music star. She knew he was married. She just didn't think about it being all over the media and the backlash.

753 days ago
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