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'Steel Magnolias' Producer

Lifetime Remake


10/1/2012 6:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1001_steel_magnolias_lifetimeThe woman who produced the disgustingly sappy tearjerker, "Steel Magnolias" is suing over the upcoming Lifetime TV remake of the film -- claiming she's not getting the credit or the cash she deserves.

Victoria L. White -- executive producer of the 1989 film starring Julia Roberts, Dolly Parton, and Shirley MacLaine -- filed suit today against Sony Pictures and Lifetime Television ... producers of the new TV movie starring Queen Latifah and Phylicia Rashad.

In the documents, White claims she has a "Television agreement" that entitles her to a co-producer or co-executive producer credit on any TV project based on her hit film.

According to the suit, White also says she's entitled to some cash for the Lifetime remake -- including a $15,000 fee, plus up to 3.75% of net profits from the movie.

White further alleges Sony is fully aware of her TV deal ... because it gave her a co-producer credit and compensation the first time this happened. For those who don't remember (as in all of us), there was already a 1992 CBS TV movie based on "Steel Magnolias."

White is suing for compensation on the Lifetime remake -- and she wants an injunction to stop the film from airing ... unless she gets her on-screen credit. The movie is scheduled to air Oct. 7.

Here's what we can't figure ... why is this movie still being remade?

23-year spoiler alert: the chick with diabetes dies.


No Avatar


How is that remake not racist?

716 days ago


Can't black people come up with an original idea?
The Wiz, the Honeymooner, every rap song using samples..

716 days ago


Some movies should be left alone and this is one,the new version(which I will not watch) NOONE could do a remake of this movie better than the original! It reminds me of the Wizard of Oz was redone as The Wiz. It must be a black thing! Leave the classics alone!

716 days ago


Remaking Steel Magnolias with a black cast is the WORST idea ever!! They are going to ruin an awesome movie!! "Weezer! What?"

716 days ago

Spicy mag    

They should remake MASK the Rocky Dennis story, but this time make him handsome.

716 days ago


It's not going to come close to the original, everyone knows it wont. Even the actors I'm sure realize that they may deliver a great performance, but it will not compair to the original actors outstanding ones. It is just a little tv movie that wont hurt anybody. It has an all black what???? The story allows for different races to play the roles, unlike some of the examples posters here came up with. Roots, seriously??? lol

You know what we should still be upset about is "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" I'm sorry I love Johnny Depp, but he didn't come close to the genius of Gene Wilders Willy Wonka. And they charged money to see that junky remake...TRAVESTY I TELL YOU!!!

Anyway, be mad at the remakes that make you pay to see them. This one, watch it or don't watch it, no biggie. Atleast you wont be out 20 bucks if it sucks.

716 days ago


I'm guessing it is being filmed in Atlanta.

716 days ago


No need to worry, just like the original you produced, this one will be a train wreck. The trailer looks horrible.

716 days ago


I am glad that the producer of the original Steel Magnolias is suing. I hope she wins and this "version" is not aired. The only thing that came to mind when I saw the commercials for the all-black remake was why was it even necessary to REMAKE an iconic movie? That is RACISM.

716 days ago


I am glad that the producer of the original Steel Magnolias is suing. I hope she wins and this "version" is not aired. The only thing that came to mind when I saw the commercials for the all-black remake was why was it even necessary to REMAKE such an iconic movie with all black people? That is RACISM. Think of some of the women who starred in the original: Sally Field, Julia Roberts, Dolly Parton; these are iconic women!

716 days ago

Lynda Jones-owings    

I love Julie Roberts and she should be paid if she is entitled. However, the script belongs to Sony and they have a right to do as they please with the script. I say you beautiful black queens, do your thang!!

715 days ago


Steel magnolias is based on a real family in the south. It was a white family and the tragedy they faced with strength and dignity.
The story was written by the brother of the lady who lost her daughter.
This fluff series shouldn't be aired at all. It is an insult to the real people involved.

715 days ago


Unimaginative and lazy !!!

715 days ago


almost all the comments being made are so UGLY chill out it's just a movie. I think it would be nice to see this movie from a black womans point of view and if someone feels like it go ahead and make a waiting to exhale remake with a white cast y'all have men trouble to. as far as the tyler perry comment you really cant be serious im gonna pray that your're not that ignorant.

715 days ago


this movie sucks the original will always be the best they copied everything they done and said. Didn't even care to finish it.

715 days ago
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