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Baltimore Ravens Star

Gay Marriage Debate

WON'T Destroy Our Team

10/2/2012 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The Baltimore Ravens are a team divided ... at least when it comes to the topic of gay marriage ... but one of the players tells TMZ he's adamant the war behind the scenes will NOT affect the team on the field.

The gay marriage debate was kicked in to high gear this week when center Matt Birk published an article defending "traditional marriage" ... in response to the pro-gay marriage letter punter Chris Kluwe had written to an anti-gay marriage politician in Maryland.

Now, linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo -- a longtime, outspoken defender of gay marriage -- tells TMZ ... the topic is SHELVED when the guys put on the pads. 

“On the field, we’re on the same accord ... When we come to work, we’re on the same page.  One goal and that’s to win a championship.”

Ayanbadejo tells us ... many of his teammates have discussed the issue with him ... but Birk wasn't one of those guys.

However, Ayanbadejo says Birk did give him a heads up about the anti-gay marriage letter before it was published.

“We had a conversation about other things, about him and our relationship, not about us being on different sides,” Ayanbadejo told TMZ.

Brendon says his family and Matt’s family spend time together socially, and their kids like to play together.  That won’t change. But Brendon says he hopes to have a deeper discussion about the issue with Birk sometime in the future.

“Of course I disagree with his stance, but I’m not gonna tell someone how to raise their kids,” Ayanbadejo tells us.  “He wants the world to be a better place for his kids."

“I think just from where we’re heading, his kids will grow up to have a different opinion from him, I’ll just leave it at that.”

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Phishie from Philly    

We all have an opinion on this. But in reality we can't tell people not to be gay and that being gay is wrong. Its not our business who people are. If it doesn't affect us in any direct way, what's does it matter? If you don't like gays don't talk to them, don't watch there movies, don't listen to their songs, don't go to their restaurants. That's your right too, but no one has a right to tell someone that being gay is wrong. I personally don't agree with gay marriage, it's not my cup of tea. I agree in not calling it a marriage but i would agree on calling It a Lifetime commitment. I don't judge anyone who is respectful to me even if they are gay and I will not be friends with someone just because they are gay. The only thing that bothers me is when gay people are so flamboyant. I mean its OK to be gay if you really are but I don't need to see that gay sh.it. I have gay friends and I always ask them, I understand that you are gay but why do you talk with a wisp. Before you came out of the closet you had a deep voice. Now you talk like Liberace on helium. Lets not forget we live in the USA, the land of the free.
Phishie from Philly

751 days ago


Equally Marriage called Gay Marriage here DOESN'T AFFECT anyone... since the 2 people involved are from the same sex that doesn't mean the 2 people from appositive sex are affected in any way !!!

751 days ago

HRH Prince Michael    

conduct themselves while in-private, is strictly between Them, and The Most Unfathomable and Most Holy Creator.

Nonetheless: To expect and demand purported "Rights" and/or privileges for YOUR sexual choices, is purely absurd. Further, to teach young-children that this "lifestyle" is "good" and "natural",
is grossly immoral and completely unacceptable.

Hebrews Twelve;28-29 is HERE,
Daniel Twelve;1 is HERE,
Proverbs Twelve;7 is NOW,
Zechariah Twelve;8 is NOW,
St. Mark Twelve;36 is NOW,
Psalm2;012 is NOW:
The Most Blessed Christ King Yeshua reigns!
ALL, for The Greater Glory of The True and Living Yahweh

751 days ago


I'm for gay rights, though gay people already have 99% of the same rights the rest of us have, but I'm for gay marriage if that's what gay folks want, whatever works for them, doesn't hurt me or anyone else.
But Matt and others are entitled to their opinions and beliefs too, and it sounds like Brendon has that tolerance of others and their beliefs along with a mature approach in being willing to discuss it maturely with those who disagree and keep the lines of communication open.

751 days ago


To All the Anti-Gay Marriage posters: you're on a site run by a homosexual man, so the talking agsinst homosexual marriage will get many thumbs down. Hence, just vote against it at election and let your voice be heard that way.

751 days ago


I love when people say the usa is based on laws and that and not a bible but the pes always thanks god all you fight for is in gods name and in god you trust, ass hats. I love the us of a not the states. you people are so ass backwards your honey boo boo and you watch redneck inbreeds you tard shards **** grow up or hang your self...........................

751 days ago


No one is saying tha we hate gay people. We simply believe that God says marriage is between a man and a woman. If you think otherwise, you are wrong.

End of story.

751 days ago



751 days ago


The term "marriage" belongs to male-female couples only. It's even in the dictionary. Call yours whatever you want to call it. You can't have the term "marriage" though.

751 days ago


"Ayanbadejo" sounds like a derivative of "Pendejo"....both are in the same league when talking about gay marriage.

751 days ago


supporters of gay marriage logic...ewwwww that guy who said incests is ok that is sick ewwwwww a brother and a sister together how nasty...awwwwwwwwwwwwww two men butt ****ing so natural and normal it isnt gross at all..do you gay supporters see faildlogic in that argument?

751 days ago

Thomas Jefferson    

Shut up and play ball!

751 days ago


ever notice how if you are against gay marriage the gay supporters automaticly say you hate gays? im not for gay marriage i also do not think one is born gay.but in the end i have no problem with gays.you can be gay if you want to.but i will never say it is normal and ok to be gay.because it is not

751 days ago


Give it up already people, gay marriage will happen. Marriage as an institution is already on the decline, but gay marriage is important just so people can have equal rights as straight couples - there are a lot of rights and benefits gay people don't get, that would only be fair if they did. And people who have an issue with the word "marriage", get over it. It's just a word, it's not some divine special meaning from Jesus himself.

751 days ago

Jeff Becker    

How horrible Matt Birk is to defend traditional marriage? Really? What has happened to this country when people are demonized for their belief in God and basic principles of Christianity? Why is tolerence only acceptable if you agree with the left's positions? How about some tolerence for the principle's that this great nation was founded on?

751 days ago
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