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Chris Cornell

SUED By Very

Pissed off Maid

10/2/2012 3:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

10/3/12 -- 11:25AM PST: 
Chris' lawyer, Howard King, tells TMZ, he believes the maid and her lawyer were just trying to make a splash in the media, adding, "The true facts are that Ms. Morales did not work full-time for the Cornells, was not fired by the Cornells and belatedly raises the spurious claims only after another one of her claims, for workers compensation for alleged injuries, was denied."


Chris Cornell
's wife allegedly ragged on the maid -- now the cleaning lady is trying to take him to the cleaners. 

The Soundgarden frontman and his wife Vicky hired Elia Mora to clean their house back in 2006 and everything seemed hunky dory, that is until the day after XMAS last year.  Elia finished up for the day and went home. 

According to Mora's lawsuit -- obtained by TMZ -- Vicky needed Elia to return to do more work, but Elia declined.  Elia claims that's when Vicky went nuts on her, berating her with a barrage of insults and then firing her.

So get this.  Elia now claims she worked 43 hours a week and never got overtime.  She also says she never got uninterrupted 30-minute lunches, and she never got uninterrupted 10-minute rest periods.

So Elia plans to clean up ... but this time in court. 

No immediate reaction from Cornell.


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Team Elia! If you're lucky enough to have a cleaning lady, treat her with respect. Shame on you Vicky, are you pals with Vanessa Bryant?

718 days ago

BB not bb    

This sounds like it might have happened, but it also sounds crazy the part about never having an uninterrupted break. The maid should have put her foot down as soon as that started so that it didn't escalate like it did.

You have to be assertive in dealing with bosses or else they will walk all over you sometimes. Not everyone is a good manager. There are people who go insane from having power.

I don't think the court will believe that she never had an uninterrupted break, but if she has her hours in writing where she was shortchanged, she can sue for that. It sounds like a case of hurt feelings to a degree.

718 days ago

the Blinding    

When did Cornell turn into Jesus? The only good Audioslave album was the first.

717 days ago


How did he end up with such a fugly wife???? Dang, at first I thought it was a picture of him and the maid.

717 days ago


Pay the lady, you owe her and you know it.

717 days ago


She is probably PregNant by now!.....

717 days ago


These people forget where they come for and treat who works for them as though they are beneath them. Shame on these two. Disgusting people with money.

717 days ago


I have to laugh at everyone assuming the maid is telling the truth.

717 days ago


I'm also a little confused as to where this lawsuit is taking place, as Cornell has been living pretty much full time in Paris since late 2005. If this maid is in the U.S, how could she be working 43 hours a week, when Cornell and his wife live in Paris? I realize they probably have homes in the U.S, but when people primarily live in another country, it is hard to work 43 hrs a week for a tyrant.

717 days ago


Man....He's lookin' old!

717 days ago


I currently work for Chris and Vicky and have since 2008. This is a bull**** story. Vicky is very kind and flexible and has never insulted me. In fact, I have a brand new baby and she is working around my schedule so I can take care of my baby. Feel sad for them that this housekeeper is lying to try to make a little cash. Bad karma.

717 days ago


My name is Jayne and I'm a housekeeper, I'm 42 years old and i worked for Vicki Cornell at the same time as Ella and I gain nothing in lying. It hurts me to see Ella lying about Vicki. I also know Ella she worked part time once a week. She only did laundry and ironing, that's it ! She brought fruit and tacos for her lunch break which means she had her lunch break ! Vicki and Chris Cornell as well as members of their family have never insulted the workers. They made you feel like members of the family, Vicki never raised her voice. Every holiday Vicki and Chris gave every worker a gift. All I can say is Ella is lying and wants money, that's all. DO NOT BELIEVE HER. She was never mistreated.

717 days ago


I worked at the same time as Ella for Vicki Cornell as a housekeeper. Ella did laundry and ironing only. She brought Tacos and fruit for her lunch break, because she did get a lunch break. Vicki and chris have always treated their workers with respect. Vicki has never raised her voice eon anyone or insulted Ella. Vicki and Chris also gave gifts to the workers. Ella just wants money. All I can say is ELLA STOP LYING ! If it's money you want work hard and you'll get it. Vicki and Chris are the nicest people I know

717 days ago


yo trabajo con la familia cornell desde 2008 éramos 5personas en la casa trabajando siempre tomábamos los break elia trabaja a veces ella empezó trabajar 2010 y ellos cornell siempre viajan elias es una gran mentirosa todo esto es mentira ellos son unas buenas personas y me tratan como familia

717 days ago


yes I'm on her payroll for 7 years and is not like that and she is not like that and your totally wrong and here in this house is many people working and she never work full time she only work part time and mr chris is sooo nice and the wife too they are kind and they care of the people that work for them and they treat me very well

717 days ago
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