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Nicki Minaj

Mariah Called Me a Bitch

10/3/2012 11:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1002_full_fight_video_nicki_minaj_mariah_carey_launchMariah Carey fired the first shots in her "American Idol" war with Nicki Minaj ... calling the rapper a "bitch" multiple times ... this according to sources close to Minaj.  

According to our sources, Nicki is adamant ... in the moments before the TMZ video begins, Mariah repeatedly berated her ... until Nicki finally had enough and exploded.

We're told ... Nicki feels Mariah has been wasting everyone's time by constantly praising herself instead of focusing her energy on critiquing the contestants.

One source tells us, "She keeps bringing up how many records she's sold, name dropping people she's worked with, how many tours she's done, and how many Grammys or awards she's won ... Nicki is tired of it."


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Im tired of both of them.

750 days ago


I LOVEE Nicki Minaj, you have to put yourself in her situation. If someone came to you with disrespect would you sit there and take just it because the other persons a “legend”. and I use the term legend loosely because Mariah hasn’t had a hit since 06/07 and there are tons of singers that can sing ropes around her i.e.(Beyonce, Adele and Leona Lewis). and even at the end of the day both of them are human being and status should’nt matter. As we all know Mariah has a very smug attitude because she is in fact more knowledgable about music and the industry. but that DOES NOT give her any right to think that she is of a higher standard than anyone else. I am glad that she expressed her opinion and didn’t back down from the self professed diva. I haven’t watched Idol in years but maybe I’ll tune in to see if there is any tension between the two. And if Idol was smart they would use this to boost the ratings cuz god knows they need them
I actually agree with most of this.

750 days ago

Mike L    

Can't hate on somebody for telling the truth. If it looks like a bitch, smells like a bitch, and acts like a bitch, dammit, its a bitch.

Mariah has every right to talk about her accomplishments. Its what makes her better then Nicki and why Nicki should respect her.

750 days ago


She called you a b**ch....booo hoo..well news flash YOU ARE ONE!

750 days ago


American Idol... is that show still on? Sounds like TMZ is doing some help for their ratings. WTG ya goofs. Now on to some real news...what's Lindsay doing!?!? :P hugs love ya TMZ - ya friggin sexy freaks ;)

750 days ago


Nicole's going to have to install a decontamination chamber for Keith for when he comes home after sitting between these two vile, infected wind bags all night.

750 days ago


You are a b1tch Nicki.

750 days ago


Nicki Minaj needs to get over herself..... Sorry to say it but yes Mariah has more experience. Yes mariah has won more grammys then you yes she has sold more records then you so Everything she keeps bringing up are facts.... So Stop complaining... Your lucky you got in as a judge considering your lack of talent and gettho attitude.... Go back to cash money and hide under a rock cuz No one really cares about you... You are nothing but a flavor of the year and you will vanish like all the other fads....... (akon) and the list goes on and on.,

750 days ago


Probably a good description for both. But Mariah has actually had a successful career. And I would do Mariah. I wouldn't Touch that no-talent, used douche' , with the fake... well fake everything. Nicki Minaj looks more like "Nick".

750 days ago

Crimson Fart    

Isn`t she the self proclaimed "bad b!tch" so technically Mariah compliments her.

750 days ago


According to various sources, Mariah had be shading/Disrespecting all day, Nicki was ignoreing it. Then Mariah went a step to far and Nicki walked out, Nics Manager calmed her down, Nic went back in and Mariah opened her mouth and called her a “Bitch”. Now if that was me in Nics shoes, I’d just smack that smug look of her face.

Now all you children going on about Mariah being a “legend” are just delusional, The closest Mariah’s came to a legend is Eminems Dick.

750 days ago


American Idol knew in the beginning that these two didn't get along.. either they wanted this much drama or not.. but they asked for it and now they got it. I don't need, nor want, to tune in to a show that has two bickering people. I will not be watching this season.

750 days ago


sounds insecure to me.

750 days ago


If the shoe fits!!...... Actually, she could have called her much worse and that would be accurate too. Nicki Minaj is a flash in the pan, gimmick and hopefully she will fade away into obscurity soon!!

750 days ago


Now all you children going on about Mariah being a “legend” are just delusional, The closest Mariah’s came to a legend is Eminems Dick.

750 days ago
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