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Nicki Minaj

Mariah Called Me a Bitch

10/3/2012 11:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1002_full_fight_video_nicki_minaj_mariah_carey_launchMariah Carey fired the first shots in her "American Idol" war with Nicki Minaj ... calling the rapper a "bitch" multiple times ... this according to sources close to Minaj.  

According to our sources, Nicki is adamant ... in the moments before the TMZ video begins, Mariah repeatedly berated her ... until Nicki finally had enough and exploded.

We're told ... Nicki feels Mariah has been wasting everyone's time by constantly praising herself instead of focusing her energy on critiquing the contestants.

One source tells us, "She keeps bringing up how many records she's sold, name dropping people she's worked with, how many tours she's done, and how many Grammys or awards she's won ... Nicki is tired of it."


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I always leave the room when Randy judges as Randy spends most of the time praising HIMSELF. I guess I will get lots of exercise if Mariah praises herself instead of judging. Putting Mariah and Randy on the same judge panel is a BIG MISTAKE BY AMERICAN IDOL.

753 days ago


Her name is "Minaj"!!! How can u get mad about bein called a "Bitch" when ur stage name is worst than that.. Ms. IwannaMinaj ur whole career has been about promoting sex & using everybit of Foul language known to man.. Sooo if u cant take the heat Get that Wig out of the Kitchen.. like now lol

753 days ago


I totally believe Mariah did that - she's too full of herself

753 days ago


I call bull****.

753 days ago


All I have to say on the Nicki & Mariah situation is this. If somebody was CONSTANTLY disrespecting you, would you sit there and take it and not say anything?

753 days ago


mariah is getting old. Nicki is the new hit.

753 days ago


Nicki has no class. Get her off the show!

753 days ago


hello...? how did a video of this whole episode manage to get out of the session? - who took this video - are they on the payroll? it's all a publicity stunt.....

753 days ago

furious cupcakes    

Mariah is on a multimillion dollar show judging contestants, it is in the nature of a judge to put on the table why she is critiquing in the way she is by giving examples of why she is qualified to do so. Ezample: I did this this kind of sound when I worked with this type of person and I ended up selling this many records. It's the truth and she is ultimatly educating the people wanting to get into the business in front of her on the AI platform. I think maybe the reality that Nicki Minaj does not have the same kind of experience or higher level of accomplishments to substantiate why she is critiquing might spark some envy. Clearly it does because she is angry about Mariah mentioning her "resume" over and over. If she wasn't insecure about it, it would just rolled off her back and then moved on to her own critique..... but she's hanging on Mariah's every word.

753 days ago


"According to sources close to Minaj" That's not bias at all

753 days ago


Nicki is a ghetto b*tch

753 days ago


The still pic is confusing. Are they are taking a vote or being robbed? It appears Mariah is running the show, either way.

753 days ago


Nicki is a nobody. period. Five years no one will even remember her name.

753 days ago


Hey, b!tches be crazy. FOX asked for this blatant nonsense...All for ratings.

753 days ago


hum... And these are the "New talent" singers, eh... This is what it takes to be famous now??? A pink clown wig, and a ghettorich attitude??

I don't like either, but Minaj is just wanting to pull that attitude thinking that everyone will bow and scrape to not offend her. She will be surpirsed when she's let go...

753 days ago
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