Nicky Hilton's SUV SMASHED at Valet Parking

10/3/2012 9:40 AM PDT

Nicky Hilton -- Range Rover SMASHED at Valet Parking


Nicky Hilton got screwed at valet parking last night when her Range Rover was returned with a massive dent and scrape -- and oddly enough ... Nicky took it like a champ.

Nicky got the bad news after walking out of dinner at Craig's ... the valet brought around her sweet black Range with a few improvements -- the right rear quarter panel was smashed in and the paint job was destroyed.

Nicky's friend Showman Jeff Beacher handled the paperwork for her, but we gotta hand it to Nicky -- most people would go OFF on the parking attendant, but then again most people don't have Hilton money.

Nicky's reaction to her wrecked ride is best described in one word ... namaste.