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Nicki Minaj

PISSED at 'Idol' Producers

Stop Fueling Mariah!

10/4/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nicki Minaj is FURIOUS with "American Idol" producers -- telling her peeps they goosed Mariah Carey into starting beef on the set.

Sources connected with Nicki tell us ... she's convinced producers -- along with members of Mariah's team -- are conspiring to get under her skin ... because they think a pissed off Minaj will bring in viewers.

We're told Nicki is adamant ... she won't be anyone's puppet and if she feels she's being set up, she vows to "cut it off at the head." As for how, she says for starters, the next time Mariah "acts up," Nicki is walking off the set.

There's just one problem with her theory -- we know "Idol" producers were genuinely shocked and upset by Tuesday's outburst. Our very connected "Idol" sources tell us the big wigs were completely flat footed and they are doing everything they can to restore peace -- which they successfully did Wednesday.

As for conspiracies between producers and Mariah ... we believe in the grassy knoll just like the next guy, but in this case Oswald did it alone.


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Man whaaaaaat??? Mariah Should feel out of place for judging talent with a rookie. Nicki should sit there and honor the fact that idol even wants her to be on the panel next to a musical icon. She's a fool and idol producers are even bigger fools for 1. even allowing Nicki to sit on a panel judging talent and 2. to sit and disrespect a respected legend. Idol better hope that nicki walks off instead of Mariah!!!

718 days ago


Manij honestly is a freak of nature and wants to shock. Mariah is a self important no body. sadly AI jumped the shark three seasons back but are still trying. The fighting is nothing but ratings gimmicks. Both are over paid and stupid.

718 days ago


minaj said she wish she had a gun, because she would shoot the bit*h??? Her 15 minutes of fame are up!

718 days ago


Two skanks dueling. Coming to a South Park episode soon, I hope.

718 days ago


I don't even know who Nicki Minaj is, which is the first problem. Idol is becoming like the Voice with a bunch of one hit wonders or has-beens. There's a reason why no "serious" recording artist will have anything to do with these shows and the producers have to hire anyone they can.

718 days ago


Nicki has the most messed up looking face I've ever seen. I hope she walks off the set! She obviously thinks she's something she's clearly not. Ghetto biatch!

718 days ago


I've watched every season of idol but this is where I quit. It was like watching the Jerry Springer show.

718 days ago


GROW UP!!!! if what you write is true that producers are behind getting people mad at each other then figure out how not to buy into it. grown ups acting like preschoolers. YUCK!!!!!!

718 days ago


Nicki looks and acts like she should be on the Jerry Springer Show....needless to say I've watched my last season of Idol. Get rid of her if you want people to continue to watch the show.

718 days ago


Uh Nicki...people are tuning out because your on the show! More would tune if you left for good!!!

718 days ago

Ozzie X    

This is the epic battle of the psychos. I'd watch AI for the first time since the premiere season just to watch these two make snide remarks. Good job AI finally a reason to watch.

718 days ago


If I'm not mistaken Ryan S. alluded to the fact in a post here that it was good t.v. or something to that effect....... Soooo, as most know the entertainmment shows of this nature, the producers always have a hand in the mix especially this show now that it's ageing & their trying to keep it relevant with a ratings boost.......

718 days ago

Ozzie X    

Mariah Carey's reputation precedes her, not in a shiny light. I respect Nicki for standing her ground and calling her out but she didn't do it with decorum or tact and at the end she just looked bad. NM is who she is regardless if she has talent or not but I respect she stood her ground.

718 days ago


Only in America will we scrutinize the people that stand up for themselves. This is not the first time that Mariah Carey has acted superior and made remarks about Nicki Minaj. After a while, you can only take but so much and she exploded. We all have our limits. You all can sit and judge but the fact of the matter is, you all are letting your hate for Nicki overshadow your judgement in this situation. I don't like Nicki Minaj either but I can honestly see how she felt in this situation. Constant nitpicking gets tiresome and she decided to stand up for herself instead of sitting there and taking it. You all sit here and say Nicki is the bad guy but what about the person that started this mess to begin with? Mariah Carey acts like she's above all, even you and me and personally, I despise people with that attitude. Your success and talent does not dictate whether or not you should be able to treat people like absolute ****. If that's the case, we should all be on all fours kissing her toes as well. She views us as mere peasants and its pathetic that you all stand behind her because she is also-called "legend". She has talent without a doubt, but her attitude is downright disgusting. At the end of the day. Mariah was the bully in this situation and Nicki stood up to her. Mariah is too old and too talented to be acting so immature and petty. If this was real life, with the average Joe, we would be absolutely and without a doubt applauding Nicki Minaj for standing up for herself, but its "Nicki Minaj" vs your queen, it's an issue. Mariah was wrong. End of story.

718 days ago


Here's an idea - ding Minaj's ass half a mil every single time she walks off stage. After all, they hired her for Idol - this is her job. That would happen to anyone else who worked for a living. My family is fighting to keep our head's afloat, and this spoiled brat is barking her trashy mouth and making more than I will see in 10 lifetimes? Makes me sick, truly.

718 days ago
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