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TV Anchor Jennifer Livingston

I Don't Hate the Guy

Who Called Me Fat

10/8/2012 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

100812_jennifer_livingston_launchJennifer Livingston says she has no hard feelings toward the "bully" who wrote in to her TV station and called her obese ... telling TMZ, "I hope people kinda leave him behind and leave him alone."

Livingston -- a news anchor at CBS WKBT in Wisconsin -- arrived to L.A. this weekend to appear on the "Ellen" show ... where she'll explain why she fired back at a viewer who said she was a bad role model because she doesn't promote a healthy lifestyle.

Jennifer went on the air and blasted the guy ... admitting she is overweight but saying, "You don't know me. You are not a friend of mine. You are not a part of my family ... I am much more than a number on the scale."

But at LAX, Livingston told us she hopes her situation makes more people aware about the negative impact of bullying -- saying, "I just think it's a discussion that needs to happen across the country ... and I think it's one that hopefully I'm bringing to the forefront."


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It was not bullying. It was a note/letter to her about what this person wanted to point out. She is making this a much bigger deal then anyone else. She is giving him what he wants.....air time and face time.
go away- fat or skinny.

746 days ago


That face and mouth is a carbon copy of Rosie. I swear it is.....

746 days ago

Jeff Becker    

Am I missing something here? She is fat. Why would she hate him to begin with?

746 days ago

Mary Ann McQueen    

There are easily MORE adult bullies than there are kids doing it. It's who the children are learning from... The guy was a bully as well as an a**hole.

746 days ago


Sure, an anorexic girl can't be a role model to anybody but this obese bitch is going on Ellen to be treated like a war hero. Survivor of bullying, oh, woe is her and her miserable plight!!

746 days ago


Yet another person with access to microphone and TV camera who doesn't know the meaning of the term bullying. It's a pity these weak adults have no clue what it means to be bullied. But hey, a bandwagon is bandwagon.

746 days ago


I think his letter was well written and 100% called for. She needs to lose 50 lbs!!

746 days ago


Every time some idiot gets their feelings hurt, it isn't a case of ultimate bullying. People need to learn about personal responsibility. If submitting a well-written (albeit, non-positive) comment to an obese person who has voluntarily put herself in the public eye is now considered the height of bullying, this country is in deep trouble...

746 days ago


Calling a complete stranger fat and telling them they need to lose weight is not bullying? He wasn't bullying her? Really? PLEASE! The guy deserves whatever he gets. You don't do that!!

746 days ago


Bullied? Really?? No, this was someone (albeit rudely) calling you out for being out of shape. The truth hurts sometimes. Face facts, people watching the news want to look at pretty guys and gals. But congrats on spinning this to look like bullying, you're obviously a talented talking head.

746 days ago


I love her! Beautiful!

746 days ago


so...michelle obama is also a bully with her programs aimed towards ending obesity??

746 days ago


I am extremely proud of this woman. He is a bully--but he's an attorney, so he wrote it in a way that he convinced himself he was being nice. He called her a bad role model for children--that's a bully. He was trying to humiliate her to lose weight. But he's not the story--Jennifer is the story--she stood up to him, handled it with class and I'm proud of her.

746 days ago


I wouldn't call it being bullied. I just call it being hateful and rude. Like telling a woman she is ugly. Maybe that is what she should have pointed out. Don't teach your kids to be rude.

746 days ago


WHY is she still talking about it? Yes she is heavy. Yes, the guy is a douchebag, but she is giving him lots of free advertisement, a loud mouthed attorney who wants to show off his body. Shut the hell up now.

746 days ago
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