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TV Anchor Jennifer Livingston

I Don't Hate the Guy

Who Called Me Fat

10/8/2012 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

100812_jennifer_livingston_launchJennifer Livingston says she has no hard feelings toward the "bully" who wrote in to her TV station and called her obese ... telling TMZ, "I hope people kinda leave him behind and leave him alone."

Livingston -- a news anchor at CBS WKBT in Wisconsin -- arrived to L.A. this weekend to appear on the "Ellen" show ... where she'll explain why she fired back at a viewer who said she was a bad role model because she doesn't promote a healthy lifestyle.

Jennifer went on the air and blasted the guy ... admitting she is overweight but saying, "You don't know me. You are not a friend of mine. You are not a part of my family ... I am much more than a number on the scale."

But at LAX, Livingston told us she hopes her situation makes more people aware about the negative impact of bullying -- saying, "I just think it's a discussion that needs to happen across the country ... and I think it's one that hopefully I'm bringing to the forefront."


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Like it or not, it is indeed bullying. It doesn't matter if the facts were true or not, it was still something hurtful and it was personally attacking her appearance. Obviously, there are a slew of hatefull bullies on here as well, it's pretty evident. Too many people are just jerks to others if they look different than what is considered the "norm." I highly doubt that there are a bunch of raving beauties on here or a bunch of sexy men with 6 packs. We all have our faults, we all have our impurities. Learn to be a decent human being, it's really not that difficult.

744 days ago


yea she is fat i agree,she shouldnt even be on tv.if i want to look at fat people i leave the her fat butt and put a good looking girl in her place..

744 days ago


Next Stop: Reality TV Signing appointment.

744 days ago


well, she's fat. when you state a fact thats not bullying. she needs to get on a diet if she wants to be on tv. i wouldnt even get out of the house if id look like that!!!!!!!!

744 days ago


I'm amazed at how mean and shallow so many people appear to be. I even saw someone write that she's "morbidly obese". Hardly. Overweight maybe, but she's a long way from morbidly obese. She may actually be more healthy than the skinniest model...and outlive them as well.

744 days ago

Jericho Morton    

She is very fat however. Big baggy trousers. For someone so gargantuan you would have thought a 'slight' mention of how she managed to stuff so much food into her eager face and why him telling her she was fat made her do that?
She had already scoffed her way to obesity before he said 'you're fat'. Which she is.

744 days ago


She is obese and she needs to lose weight.

744 days ago


People need to mind their own business, nobody is perfect, NOBODY!

744 days ago

Jericho Morton    

Poor angry fat girl, screaming at the sky;
Always desirous of a vast wedge of pie.
Reconstructive dentistry, botox and dye,
Transport our humpty to a lesbian's thighs.

744 days ago


Learn to eat in a healthy way, get some exercise and stop whiiiiining about someone who just told you the obvious. duh

744 days ago


So a bully bullies a bully.. Thats all I am getting out of this. The guy simply sent her a rant that she took personal. Words are nothing but apparently to her she felt the need to use her television power and call the guy out on the air. Now the guy is being harassed. THINK before you do America... my god

744 days ago


We need to review the definition of bullying. It is not the same as criticism. It is not the same as saying something you don't agree with. My dictionary says it's this: "1. to treat abusively. 2. to affect by means of force or coercion. 3. to use browbeating language or behavior." I don't see any of those in the viewer's comments. This is just a silly, thin-skinned woman who wants people to feel sorry for her (and yes, who needs to lose some weight).

744 days ago

daniel scheper    

and then she went backstage and pigged out on hot and spicy pork rinds

744 days ago


So to all the people who say the guy was only telling the 'truth' - when people call someone a gay slur, or an ethnic slur, or when they tease someone for being disabled or having a parent in prison, that's totally okay with you as long as it's true?

744 days ago


Telling her she was fact was an observation, not bullying. She is FAT! Being a TV anchor puts her out as a role model and OBESITY is not a good role model.

744 days ago
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