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TV Anchor Jennifer Livingston

I Don't Hate the Guy

Who Called Me Fat

10/8/2012 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

100812_jennifer_livingston_launchJennifer Livingston says she has no hard feelings toward the "bully" who wrote in to her TV station and called her obese ... telling TMZ, "I hope people kinda leave him behind and leave him alone."

Livingston -- a news anchor at CBS WKBT in Wisconsin -- arrived to L.A. this weekend to appear on the "Ellen" show ... where she'll explain why she fired back at a viewer who said she was a bad role model because she doesn't promote a healthy lifestyle.

Jennifer went on the air and blasted the guy ... admitting she is overweight but saying, "You don't know me. You are not a friend of mine. You are not a part of my family ... I am much more than a number on the scale."

But at LAX, Livingston told us she hopes her situation makes more people aware about the negative impact of bullying -- saying, "I just think it's a discussion that needs to happen across the country ... and I think it's one that hopefully I'm bringing to the forefront."


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She sure is a veteran of the modern day media. Its never their fault or responsibility to be up-rite citizens, just those that they lord over.

"Do as I say, not as I do." is their motto

This know it all lady who's in everyone's business has the audacity to say "you don't know me"... and you don't know the many people you report on news-lady, but that doesn't stop you from engaging with the same attitude that you have a problem with from the guy who emailed you.

Shes awfully smug & holier then though to someone who is actually concerned for her well-being.

BTW, she owes the guy a big Thank You, for getting her this brief amount of fame and extra income.

744 days ago

Big D    

Chill out fatty don't get your granny panties in a bunch.

744 days ago


Jennifer Livingston, you have some nerve. You make public comments about a child (honey boo boo) being overweight, and then you wanna cry and bytch about being bullied when somebody says it about you. You are a brain-dead cow and a big fat bully yourself.

744 days ago


BTW. You know what's even worse than bullying? Hogging enough food for five people when most of the planet suffers from food shortage.

744 days ago


Y'all are a bunch of holier than thou jerks. It's not ever okay to degrade a person based on their appearance. If you think it is, if you think that kind of behavior is 'helpful' or that trying to humiliate someone because of their weight is okay because YOU THINK losing weight is some easy feat and OBVIOUSLY fat people are just lazy, that makes you a worthless person and a terrible role model, not the fattie.

744 days ago


that fat chick is on her steel-framed, reinforced soap box.

744 days ago


She has 3 kids.
I wonder what she looked like before she had kids, I wonder if she was thin when she got married.
She was not bullied.
Too bad wasted potential. I bet her husband is bummed out watching her stuff her face with pizza rolls.

744 days ago


But she IS fat, she's obese, why should she hate the guy. If she doesn't already know she's obese, she needs to buy a mirror. If she doesn't care about her health for herself, she has kids.

She's a high risk for diabetes, amputations, heart attacks, strokes, etc. Fat people put a horrible toll on themselves and their families. Stop stuffing your face lady, eat only veggies, fruits, lean meats, fish, NO fried, fast food, junk or sodas and WALK.

Easy to stay in shape. I've been the same 105 lbs (at 5 ft tall) since high school after giving birth to three kids, raising them alone, and I'm 59 years old now.

Make sure the thyroid is working, hormones balanced and again stop stuffing your mouth with food, burn OFF more than you take in, EASY.

No excuse for fat, lazy people. You're depressed, get help. Sorry for her kids, no kid wants an obese parent, it's embarrassing.

744 days ago

mr revenge    

how many seats did she have to buy in order to fit on the airplane ?

744 days ago


Here we go again - see what you freakin liberals started?

Every comment someone makes that you don't like IS NOT BULLYING you freakin tree-hugging idiots who probably pay a hell of a lot more attention to your dogs - and would be madder if someone hurt your dog - then your child (hey I never see you PETA freaks at a child molesters trial waving signs outside the courthouse, but somehow you can find days off work to go across country to protest someone who hurts or kills a dog!) It's not bullying.

Bulllying has an implied or actual threat to it. I guess this is the new "Cute guy at work asks me out 5 times and I don't mind" or is it the "nerdy guy asks me out once and I am being harrased and need to ruin his career" and we can just decide now when Emily says my hair looks dorky, she's being silly but when Betty, who you fought over for a guy once, says my hair looks dorky you are suddenly being bullied!

And grow up. You ARE fat. Should we say your extra extra fluffy? We didn't make up the word. No one said you're ugly - you're not - but there's also nothing wrong with taking pride in onself and sometimes we need a kick up the backside to get there -IT'S HEALTHY!!! Take pride in your husband and treat him right by taking care of yourself. I shave for my wife. I shower everyday no matter what I do that day. I try to dress nice - hey i'm ALL man and we are matching challenged sometimes, but I try. I make the bed, I help wth OUR kids not leave it all to her though I work outside the home. Put down the potluck spoon you have at work. Order the salad instead of the fries and burger, know that diet sodas DO NOT work, and don't do what all women who complain they aren't now their 18 year-old weight do - blame it ALL on hormones (men have those too BTW), blame it on the kids, or don't do the # 1 thing women do (I am a doctor) BINGE EAT - think you had a muffin for breakfast, skipped lunch, but make up for it at dinner. Eat 3 or 4 little meals each day and for God's sake woman, get some exercise.

744 days ago


The negative comments here against this woman just proves her point. The USA is full of rude, callous, superficial *******s who think nothing of insulting someone & judging them when they themselves aren't perfect. You don't have to call this behavior bullying to know it's wrong. No wonder the USA is The laughing stock of the world.

744 days ago


she's really not even that big and she's not ugly. Just a little effort would help, but maybe she has no pride in who she is, and just wants to follow the liberal bible of once a victim always a victim and poor me

744 days ago


glad she stood up, shes human and deserves to be respected no matter what

744 days ago


"Livingston told us she hopes her situation makes more people aware about the negative impact of bullying..."

What about the negative impacts of being overweight? She even said she KNOWS she's overweight, but when it comes out of someone else's mouth they're a "bully"? Soon this will just be another thing our overly sensitive country will throw onto the very long list of no-no topics along with race and gender and sexual orientation and on and on......

744 days ago


Oh, and HE NEVER CALLED YOU FAT!!!!!!!!!!!

744 days ago
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