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TV Anchor Jennifer Livingston

I Don't Hate the Guy

Who Called Me Fat

10/8/2012 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

100812_jennifer_livingston_launchJennifer Livingston says she has no hard feelings toward the "bully" who wrote in to her TV station and called her obese ... telling TMZ, "I hope people kinda leave him behind and leave him alone."

Livingston -- a news anchor at CBS WKBT in Wisconsin -- arrived to L.A. this weekend to appear on the "Ellen" show ... where she'll explain why she fired back at a viewer who said she was a bad role model because she doesn't promote a healthy lifestyle.

Jennifer went on the air and blasted the guy ... admitting she is overweight but saying, "You don't know me. You are not a friend of mine. You are not a part of my family ... I am much more than a number on the scale."

But at LAX, Livingston told us she hopes her situation makes more people aware about the negative impact of bullying -- saying, "I just think it's a discussion that needs to happen across the country ... and I think it's one that hopefully I'm bringing to the forefront."


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The truth hurts! So we all agree that she is fat??

723 days ago


I'm still trying to figure out how this is played off as bullying?? When I watch this clip and she stated "she's knows she is over weight" I would of thought she would take the initiative to start working out or something?? NOPE!! Remain over weight and blame it all on bullying??

723 days ago


Wait...what TMZ isnt' tell you is this womans Husband is a News Anchor at the same station. Not a bad looking guy either and yes seems to be of healthy weight. ANYWAY, he was offended of a man sending his wife a letter like that and he posted it to his Face Book wall and that caused a stir to the people that read it. Which basically got the wind in her sails to stand up to this guy.
No in reality its none of the guys business to tell her what she should look like. If her bosses want her to lose weight and her Husband or her doctor then they should speak up but its no one elses business.
If kids look at people on TV or at sports figures to use as their roll models and their family or parents have no influence in how they turn out emotionally or physically then thats sad. Yeah feed your kids Hot Dogs every night your going to have a fat kid. Pay attention to what you feed them, I do! As well as my mother did. No one wants to take resposibility for their own issues anymore its too easy to blame it on someone else so you can feel guilt free.

723 days ago

South Side     

Well, she IS fat and on TV daily. Don't act surprised when people call it out. Jenny Craig will soon give her a ton of money and help her lose weight so she'll be fine in the end.

723 days ago


What do you expect? your on the television ? the fact is she brings attention to something no one would even care about up on a news segment, She is in it to be more recongnized

723 days ago


if it 'brings out' anything it should 'bring out' the denial all the fat Americans are clearly in. the guy was right and she probably knows it.

723 days ago


CBS should fire her for indulging her viewers in a private statement that was intended only for her. She is fat and no one wanted to focus on that. But now, all you can think of when viewing her is not her personality anymore. But her fat body and her victimization mentality. And now I would only want to change the channel whenever she is the focus of attention. Bad publicity for both her and CBS.

722 days ago

Kate RN    

This is crazy. I'm a nurse and I treat just as many thin people for health problems as fat people. What your guys said about being a ROLE Model... well maybe you should edit what you say more than how you look. If reporters, tv and radio want to be role models how about controlling your MOUTHS leave the woman alone. It's discrimination! She is beautiful and who are they to judge. Seen many "healthy" people keel over at the gym!

722 days ago
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