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Lohan's Alleged Attacker

I'm THRILLED the Charges Were Dropped

10/8/2012 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


There are two things we learned from the following clip:

1) The man who allegedly attacked Lindsay Lohan in a hotel room last month is glad the charges were dropped.

2) Our photog is really, REALLY out of shape.

We spotted Christian LaBella at LAX this weekend ... and of course, our guy wanted to ask about the alleged NYC incident -- when LiLo had him arrested after telling cops he attacked her when she confronted him about secretly taking pictures and video of her in the hotel room.

(Officials eventually dropped the case after investigators determined there was not enough evidence to support LiLo's claims.)

Problem is, Christian was walking up some stairs in the parking garage ... and our guy is usually an escalator type of guy ... because he's large. 

So, when our guy finally caught up to LaBella ... the question came out like this ...

"Have you talked to [Lindsay] ... (deep breath) ... since the charges were dropped ... that's the one question ... (deeper breath) ... are you guys sill friends (gasping for air)."

Fortunately, our guy eventually caught his breath ... oh, and Christian answered the question.

Check out the clip.


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Jemima Kirke Gets Naked In 'Vice': 'Girls' Star Talks Doing Drugs, Disses Lindsay Lohan (PHOTO)

Posted: 10/09/2012 1:27 pm EDT Updated: 10/09/2012 1:36 pm EDT

Jemima Kirke stars as Jessa on HBO's endlessly discussed "Girls," -- and while the 27-year-old seems much more together than her character, her naked (very) pregnant photos in Vice magazine, prove they share a kindred free spirit.

Vice caught up with Kirke, who is already the mother of a young daughter, at her family home in East Hampton, and the actress didn't hold back (like, anything).

As the daughter of the drummer from Bad Company and a mother who supplied vintage dresses to "Sex and the City," Kirke was somewhat known in the art-centric private schools scene that she and Vice writer Annette Lamothe-Ramos both inhabited nearly a decade ago -- and they'd actually met at an after-party when Kirke was 18 and on break from Rhode Island School of Design. Lamothe-Ramos recalled that Kirke asked her to go to the bathroom with her, and offered her a bump of cocaine off her keys while she was peeing on the toilet.

"Oh yeah! I do remember that, and that you seemed somewhat impressionable at the time. So I thought, 'I could probably get this girl to do drugs with me.' But I don’t think there was anyone else at the bar…," Kirke recalled, and explained that while her former life mirrors that of her character on "Girls" -- it's a lifestyle she left behind long ago.

"The character I play is not so far from me. I mean, fundamentally she is, and some of her behavior might have been taken from things I’ve done, but ... I think that way of life stopped working for me really quickly. Some people know how to balance things, at least enough to be able to continue messing around, but I didn’t. I was very all-or-nothing about it, and you burn out really quickly if you keep going that way. It really f--ked me," she explained.

Kirke has her life pretty much together, and says the best part about her newfound success as an actress is that she can sufficiently support her kids. Despite her own wild past, she says she has no hesitations about having her children grow up in New York, as she "would have been a disaster in the suburbs, too."

"In the city I had access to bars, parties, and drugs, but even if I lived on the outskirts I probably would’ve been cutting up pills in my bedroom," she told Vice.

In the middle of discussing Kirke's wild ways, the conversation turns to another native New Yorker -- Lindsay Lohan.

"Oh, Lindsay [Lohan] strikes again! I’m reading the [New York] Post and she f**king hit a pedestrian again with her SUV.. It was at 2:30 AM, too. That’s not a good look ... She definitely hasn’t [grown up], and I don’t think she ever will."

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Lindsay Lohan is in a sexploitation flick because duh

October 9, 2012Posted at 7:01 AM
Posted by Sarah

Tags:Lindsay Lohan
Movie Reviews and Previews

Or it looks like a sexploitation flick anyway. Penned by novelist and professional blowhard Bret Easton Ellis, directed by Paul Schrader (best known for writing Taxi Driver and Raging Bull), and funded largely by Kickstarter, The Canyons stars Lohan and James Deen as a couple caught up in sexual obsession and ambition (incidentally, I’m pretty sure that was the exact log line for Eyes Wide Shut). The first trailer was released yesterday and it’s done up in the style of the 1960...s sexploitation B-movies that played in grindhouse theaters back when that was a real thing and not a Tarantino thing.

Lainey asked me about this trailer, if it was a proper genre reference that she was missing. Sexploitation, like any grindhouse style, resides in the gray area between artistic form and outright prurient indulgence, but yeah, it is considered a legit film style. My first foray into the genre was in a feminist film studies class—we watched The Student Nurses. To this day, that remains one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. Sexploitation films are notable for their lo-fi production values (which is a nice way of saying they look cheap as hell), independent productions and fetishized subjects (nurses, students, cheerleaders, etc).

For all the feminist efforts to reclaim this territory as some kind of empowering moment in cinema, I can never get past the simple fact that these films exist solely for the male gaze and the derivation of male pleasure. And yes, I’m aware of Stephanie Rothman (see above, The Student Nurses), but no, I don’t consider her work any kind of achievement; I’ve got enough critical theory under my belt that I can make anything be about something, but I have a really hard time extrapolating positive feminist themes from movies that are about pretty women boning archetypical male figures, and then standing around talking about boning said men. Just because a character gets an abortion doesn’t mean it’s a feminist film. (We could have a similar discussion about Blue Steel, a Kathryn Bigelow film often held up as a seminal piece of feminist cinema, but Jamie Lee Curtis’ character is so f*cking boneheaded you’re rooting for her death by the end.)

It makes sense that Lindsay Lohan stars in The Canyons. First and foremost, she and Bret Easton Ellis are a match made in some kind nightmare world where being a self-obsessed entitled **** equates to being a worthwhile human being. He’s such a massive drama queen—if anyone can rival Lohan’s vacuum of suck, it’s Ellis. Also, this is one more step toward Lohan’s inevitable porn career. Interesting that half the movies she’s made in the last few years are grindhouse style (this and Robert Rodriguez’s Machete and Machete Kills). It’s one thing to have a go in one of these movies as a one-off gag, but when your career takes on a distinct grindhouse flavor, you have to wonder what it says about you as an actor (see also: Jessica Alba).

It’s worth noting that Lohan’s co-star, James Deen, is an actual porn star. Lindsay Lohan + pseudo-porno + real porn star = 19 months till she makes an actual porno. Remember when she was in movies with Meryl Streep?

707 days ago


This is acting.

A trailer for Lindsay Lohan’s Liz & Dick for Lifetime was released yesterday. They wanted to send us away for the weekend with some joy. God there is a lot of joy in this preview. A lot of joy and a lot of bloat. Sarah from Cinesnark just messaged me about what a mess it is; she can’t decide if it’s bad-funny or just bad-bad. Oh but I think bad-funny. So much bad-funny! THIS is what Lindsay Lohan’s career has become. A girl who once worked with Meryl Streep and, well, now we’ve arrived here:

Aside from the sh-tty production value, all I saw was Lindsay smoking, drinking, and f-cking. So, you know, I’m not sure this was so much a movie about Elizabeth Taylor as it was a teaser for the long-awaited Lindsay Lohan reality show. Her life as a tv-movie-of-the-week actress begins now.

And attached - Lohan in New York yesterday carrying a child presumably belonging to that bearded dude behind her, Domingo Zapata. He’s 39. He’s a very, very wealthy artist. He loans her his Porsche when she’s in town. They hang out together with Vikram Chatwal. Chatwal owns the hotel she’s been staying at while in NYC. Remember these seedy photos? And don’t pretend you’re not thinking what you’re thinking because I’m thinking it too, because in these circles, with those people, when is friendship ever free?

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Ginger Mane‏@odiolasgalletas

How old do you think Lindsay Lohan will be when she dies? I'm thinking, 27.

707 days ago


Lindsay Lohan "The Canyons" Trailer Brimming With Sex, Drugs and Blood

LiLo stars opposite real-life porn star James Deen

By Scott Ross

| Tuesday, Oct 9, 2012 | Updated 8:34 AM PDT

Lindsay Lohan's upcoming film, in which she stars opposite porn star James Deen, has delivered its first trailer. Not to damn it with faint praise, but it promises to be her best leading role since "Mean Girls."

"The Canyons" is a film "about the dangers of sexual obsession and ambition, both personally and professionally, among a group of young people in their 20's and how one chance meeting connected to the past unravels all of their lives, resulting in deceit, paranoia, cruel mind games and ultimately violence," according to the official synopsis.

Lest you dismiss "The Canyons" as nothing more than lowbrow schlock, it's directed by Paul Schrader, who wrote and/or directed such classics as "Affliction," "Taxi Driver" and "Raging Bull," and was written by Bret Easton Ellis, author of "American Psycho" and "Less Than Zero."

That doesn't mean "The Canyons" isn't lowbrow schlock, but it might be more. And it co-stars Gus Van Sant, lest the whole thing doesn’t seem random enough.

The trailer is wildly over-stylized, and feels aggressively seedy, but it still looks way more interesting than the trailer for Lohan's Elizabeth Taylor film for Lifetime, "Liz & Dick."

"The Canyons" doesn’t yet have a release date, but Lohan last week saw a cut of the film, eliciting "Some tears, some hard words, some kisses but that's life in Lindsayland," according to the film's Facebook page. "Sometimes the movie gods smile. Sometimes you get lucky."

Source: Lindsay Lohan "The Canyons" Trailer Brimming With Sex, Drugs and Blood | NBC 7 San Diego

707 days ago


It appears most bloggers have taken a 'crack' at the trailer for The CLAMyons except for Michael K. at DListed. I can't wait for his take on it . . .

707 days ago


Lexi ‏@Lexi_Jane_B
So this guy jumping from space will 'fall faster and further than anyone before.' I dunno, have you seen Lindsay Lohan recently?

707 days ago

Suzy Q     

What is it about the Amercian tv/move fascination with malignant narcissism and psychopathy? I watch more and more foreign films just because they're much more into character development instead of senseless violence and hedonistic acting out.

This film, the Canyons, and Liz and Dick are just fillers. They contain no talent and are just made to generate money based on the poor life choices of the leads. This should be a straight to DVD soft porn selection. The fact that it's getting reviewed is just ridiculous. I don't care who directed it. He just did it for the money.

707 days ago


Look out Lindsay Lohan, theres a new Lindsay in town. Check her out

Hollywood Tuna‏@HollywoodTuna1

Lindsay Ellingson Lingerie Pictures

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Lindsay Lohan, porn star in schlocky trailer for new film 'The Canyons'

Published October 09, 2012

New York Post

The Troubled and Talented Lindsay Lohan

She started as a promising child star, and nobody could have predicted how things would go from there.

A raunchy new teaser for Lindsay Lohan’s newest controversial film “The Canyons” was released Monday.

The grainy Grindhouse-style clip features stars stripping off and getting down, a bit of gore and the schlocky tagline: “Where the sex is as cheap as the budget…and the only way out is death!”

Lohan’s character Tara is described as “sweet as sin” while X-rated film star Deen is cheekily described as a “’huge’ new talent” and “the boy next door gone bad.”

According to the teaser's YouTube page, the teaser for the upcoming Bret Easton Ellis flick was made to resemble thrillers from the 1970s. Two more teasers made to resemble 1950s melodrama and 1930s comedy will soon follow.

Read more:

707 days ago

Suzy Q     

The Post comes through!

From now on, he name is SchlockLo

707 days ago

Suzy Q     

The Post comes through!

From now on, HER name is SchlockLo.

707 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

When I look at this picture:
I realize it's only a matter of time until this happens after a night of meth, vodka, and dangerous blue shoes.
BTW, that last link has 8 great photos of Lohan vs the succulent.

707 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

I just watched the new, very short trailer out for the Clamyons. I think the best that can be said for it is that is very short
I think that they are now pinning their hopes on this becoming a cult classic due to it being incredibly bad . . . monumentally bad - the kind of bad that will build a life of its own.
Unfortunately for them, they're going to have to do more than that to make an underground classic. It's going to take much more than putting fake vertical lines on the digital film and a Henry Mancini ripoff sound track to make it look like a sexploitation film from the late '60...s. I have a feeling though that this will never be more than a half azzed grind house type movie rippoff. Right now, it just looks like the kind of film where you have a porn star out-acting a former tween star movie actress and what will no doubt be a few semi-nude scenes of Lohan wearing push-up bras and lots of girdle-like material, and a bunch of hot wild sex scenes between Deen and some of his hot, young porn star girlfriends
BTW, is it just me, or does the music sounds like they stole the sound track from a Courageous Cat cartoon. God, but this is going to set the art film genre back 75 years.

707 days ago


I guess nobody reads x17 anymore, considering how many people have voted on this poll, that's been up since this morning.

I am amazed that the results don't favor Lindsay since X17 is a pro Lindsay site...but here are the results so far:

Do You Think Lindsay Lohan Is Making A Comeback?

Yes - she has three movies coming out soon!
53 votes - 19%

No - the roles she's being offered are horrible.
87 votes - 31%

Who cares - it's only a matter of time before her next screw up.
135 votes - 49%

707 days ago
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