QVC Guest Host Collapses On Live TV

10/8/2012 1:11 PM PDT

QVC Guest Host Cassie Slane Collapses On Live TV

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QVC guest host Cassie Slane experienced an on-air medical emergency yesterday on live TV -- clutching her chest and collapsing on her co-host -- but thankfully, she's doing much better now.

Cassie and co-host Dan Hughes were hocking tablet devices for kids on the show "Sundays with Carolyn and Dan" when Cassie suddenly looked ill and fell over, appearing to faint. 

The camera immediately cut away -- but Dan kept pitching the product, presumably while Cassie received some kind of medical attention.

Cassie returned to the camera moments later to pick up right where she left off ... but a few seconds in, she started slurring her words. The camera cut again and Dan finally said, "Cassie's having a little problem."

It's unclear what went wrong -- but Cassie took to Twitter hours ago, saying, "Thanks everyone for the well wishes. Feeling better today."

FYI -- it's not the first time Cassie has collapsed on air --a similar incident occurred during an electronics segment in 2010.