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Dr. Conrad Murray

Moved into Bigger Cell

... Still Complaining

10/12/2012 9:38 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

The L.A. County Sheriff has moved Dr. Conrad Murray into a larger cell -- but the good doc still ain't happy with the upgrade, telling his lawyer, "I'm dying. You gotta save me."

Murray was transferred from a 5'x7' cell to a 8'x10' cell yesterday -- the biggest in the jail -- but he spoke to his lawyer soon after, saying, "I am a condemned prisoner right now. I look in the mirror and I don't even know who I'm looking at."

As we reported, Murray -- who is 6'5" -- has been griping constantly about his living conditions behind bars, claiming he's dying a slow death due to the cramped spaces. 

Murray says the new cell doesn't have bars to elevate his leg -- which has become swollen due to a lack of movement. He says the new cell is also more isolated, and he still isn't getting more exercise.

We're told Murray is grateful for the attention -- but it's just not enough.

Calls to the L.A. County Sheriff were not returned.


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Michael ended up in a more cramped space (permanantly) than you are in temporarily; quit whining.

744 days ago

Mandy G.    

You shouldn't have done the crime if you couldn't do the time, so shut up and take it. No one cares.

744 days ago


Perhaps he would be happy with a room at Disneyland

744 days ago



744 days ago

Dyan Raines    

He needs to stop wining, he's were he deserves to be.

744 days ago


"I'm dying. You gotta save me...??? He didn't care when Michael was dying so I really don't care how he is treated. At least he can say he is alive.

744 days ago


Ohhhh...Jail is killing you is it? Well here, let me comfort you with this injection of Propofol, so that you can rest more easily. -.-

744 days ago

James Lindsay    

If you're unhappy with your current living conditions, try not killing international superstars next time...

744 days ago


MOTHER F**KER SHUT THE F*CK UP!!!!!!!!!!! Who gives a f*ck if you're dying! YOU killed Michael Jackson so you're gonna sit in that cramped little space and f**king rot and quit your bitching and moaning! You're not getting out, so get the f*ck over it and suck the f*ck up!!!!!!

744 days ago


Whether you think Murray belongs in jail or not, I believe the Sheriff has set a dangerous precedent giving in to his demands. Now anybody in county can have their attorney write a threatening letter so that they can get better treatment. The Sheriff should have drawn a line in the sand and said you are where you are, and that's it. Now, he's going to have an onslaught of prisoners demanding bigger cells, better food, etc. The sheriff is supposed to treat all prisoners equally, no matter who it is. The Sheriff has failed to do that now and he's left himself open to lawsuits from other prisoners who don't get what they demand.

744 days ago


Someone please get this guy a pad or a tampon!! He has sand in his vaj and someone needs to wipe his nose while they are at it. Also, did anyone else feel that his atty's were basically THREATENING to sue if something happened to him? PAH-leez!

744 days ago


HE ACTS THIS WAY BECAUSE HE'S A NARCISSIST AND A SOCIOPATH.........People like that think they are extremely important and should be treated as such...and get deeply offended and ANGRY when they aren't. He still doesn't think he did anything wrong ...he blames Michael for"how dare he die and ruin my life". ********I've read that Conrad has been writing a tell-all book about his time with Michael. ...even claiming that Michael considered him his greatest friend and they were so close he considered him family...LOLOLOL ....WELL is that the way you treat "family"?........LIE LIES AND MORE LIES. Notice he NEEDS everyone to know that that most famous, talented, special person on earth thought HE was awesome.......there's that delusional self importance I was talking about......BTW the Jackson kids aren't scared to speak their minds...I'm sure IF anyone is stupid enough to publish this book...the kids will SLAM HIS LYING, KILLING ASS.

744 days ago


turns out it was Michael Jackson who was suffering a slow death ,at this mans hands, thanks to his "Treatment" for insomnia..
I think they should put him back in his old cell, and cross their fingers..
If he dies, which we all know wont happen because this is BS, they can always say they have no idea what happened , just like he did to his patient

744 days ago


I say take away his license and any chance that he has to work as a doctor ever again but to lock the man up over something that the "victim" consented to is simply ridiculous. I understand your anger as fans but look at this objectively.

744 days ago
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