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Tour Bus Companies

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About TX Checkpoint

10/13/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Several large tour bus companies tell TMZ, they are WELL AWARE of the perilous border checkpoint In Sierra Blanca, Texas -- where multitudes of celebs have been arrested for sneaking drugs on board their buses -- and now, they're taking steps to avoid the same fate.

You'll recall, rapper Nelly's tour bus was pulled over at the notorious checkpoint Wednesday night -- and police claim they found heroin and mass amounts of marijuana on board. A passenger on the bus (not Nelly) fessed up to owning the drugs, and was placed under arrest.

But the Nelly incident was only the latest in a long string of celebrity drug busts at Sierra Blanca -- the list also includes Fiona Apple, Willie Nelson, Snoop Dogg ... it goes on and on.

Now, several bus companies tell TMZ, they're aware of the potential risks associated with driving through Sierra Blanca, so they're warning their drivers to stay alert and keep an eye out for any contraband on board their buses.

One company says their drivers now inform passengers about the checkpoint ahead of time, giving them "a warning to abandon all illicit items if they do happen to sneak some aboard."

Meanwhile, another says, “It’s just idiotic. Just plain idiotic to risk having something like that on board. You’d have to be stupid to allow that kind of stuff on the bus. That’s why we make sure that doesn’t happen on our line.”

Sierra Blanca: the anti-drug.


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Who's the younger white guy in the photos?

706 days ago


What is wrong with the US? Never mind the stupid drug laws... why are the cops stopping and searching vehicles without a warrant? Just because they want to? What happened to the 4th Amendment??

705 days ago


Ok, I'm going to try to make this as easy to understand for you guys. Try to follow along.

There IS NO other route to take. This is God-awful West Texas. This is not California. If you are traveling East-West in Texas from or to El Paso there is no other route. There is no bypass. That is why there is a Border Patrol checkpoint there. The only way to bypass this checkpoint is to fly.

This IS NOT a checkpoint between US/Texas and Mexico. They are not coming in from Mexico. This is merely a spot on the only major E/W route in the SouthWest where you have no other option but to go through it. This is a major traffic area between El Paso/Dallas/Austin and the rest of the free world. This shuts off the supply of drugs once they are in the US and forces smugglers into the desert. Remember when the severed head was on the tortoise in Breaking Bad? It's like that.

Pot and the other substances they are busted for are ILLEGAL. That is the reality. I know that you want to live in this fantasy world where it isn't but it is Sunshine. You want to change this? Great. Then do something other than whine on a TMZ comment section about how stupid this all is.
And here's a tip; maybe you should find someone who feels the same as you who doesn't smoke a bowl every morning to make your argument.

If you are famous or are more like Fiona Apple, don't carry drugs on your tour bus in Texas. If at this point your tour management has not told you this, they are failing you badly. Are you so self-absorbed that you don't read about this? Seriously, buy a clue. Each successive dumbass who gets busted in Sierra Blanca just looks even more stupid than the one before.
At least Nelly had some muppet who said he'd take the rap for 1/2 pound of heroin and 10 pounds of Pot and a gun. This guy is going to do serious time and does anyone really think that this muppet owns all of that?

And oh yeah, all you legal scholars. You do not have to consent to a search of your vehicle when asked. But as soon as their drug dog alerts them on your vehicle they have cause and don't need your consent. So you're screwed. And you know what? They can just say the dog alerted them. You can argue all you want but they're going to win right there at the check point. They don't find anything; you aren't going to challenge them in court about the dog now are you? They find something in your ride; have fun arguing about the dog in court and explaining "Oh yeah, I did have a pound of pot. but that should be legal. This is all bogus."

705 days ago


I was stopped by a corrupt nasty azz patsy white cop on a highway. What was effed up was that he asked me for money and accused me of being a drug dealer. He wanted to check my car and told him he couldn't check my nutts and to call a supervisor. Within 35 minutes a even more racist cop came with a drug dog was a small puppy. Back to the tour bus drug trap. This area has been known for years, it's just many of these folks on the buses are too high to remember. Black man does not need to ever go through Texas, fly.

705 days ago


OKAY: so here are two new rules of thumb, you might say. 1) If you are what some people are calling law abiding citizens, well good for you and enjoy Texas. 2) If you fall into the "other" category, write the entire state of Texas off. Go another route. Never schedule events, attend whatever, visit anything, if it is located inside the legal limits of Texas. Musicians: no concerts; artists: no gallery get the idea. Glad to be of service.

705 days ago


How is there a "checkpoint" isn't that illegal?

705 days ago
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