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Halle Berry, Gabriel Aubry

The Fat Lady

Is About to Sing

10/16/2012 4:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The judge in Halle Berry's custody case -- in which she is asking for permission to take Nahla to Paris permanently -- is ready to rule, and the decision could come down this week ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected to the case tell us ... lawyers for both sides have wrapped their case and the judge has been noodling over his decision. 

Sources say the judge has told both sides, he does NOT want to send them a written decision.  He wants both sides to appear in court so he can tell them all at once what he's decided.

Halle, we're told, is frustrated because she wants to get on with her life, but it looks like she won't have a long wait.  Our sources say the decision could come down Friday -- IF the judge can get everyone together.



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Bitch please    

I doubt a California judge will let her take his daughter away unless hes proven to be obusive or a danger to Halle and the child. Then again you never know with our un justice system here in California. I hope he wins.

702 days ago


If the judge rules she can go to France, he should also rule that she has to pay for the father's flight hotel and expenses when it's his time to be with his daughter.

It would only be fair cuz this little girl appears to have a good rapport with her dad,

And we all know the true reason she wants to move there.

It's in the best interest for the child.

702 days ago


Nahla is an American citizen born here and deserves to live here with her father not in the country of her muther's current mount.

702 days ago


She should not be allowed to separate the Father and child. She should consider herself and her Daughter lucky that he wants to be part of his Daughter's life. By doing this, she will certainly grow up well adjusted (if the Mother does not continue to break that relatoinship apart). She is only full of revenge.

702 days ago

News Flash     

Halle is so freakin spoiled

702 days ago


She should not move out of the country with Nahla. This is a clear case of parent alienation. Just because you have money doesn't mean you can push Dad out of your childs life. Nahla actually smiles more with her Dad...she looks miserable with her Mom. Maybe because Mom is always focused on hating the people who take her pic...instead of the Jennifer Garner way. Be pleasant and get on your way!

702 days ago

Dee Dee    

That white actress Kelly Rutherford's judge allowed her crazy RICH white French husband to take their children to France. So if this judge can allow her to take her child to France. As a model he can afford to fly to France.
I don't get why all the hate. Women need to realize for every rich woman who loses their parental rights that means it trickles down to middle income women too in custody cases.

702 days ago


This chick is an idiot. What's the point in taking away a mans child for no reason? Makes no sense. Just wants control of everything as always

702 days ago


Hmmmm.....I predict the judge will tell her she can't leave. The dad has a right to be near his daughter.

702 days ago


Isnt your ‘source‘ Halle? lol. You have been trying to interfere and act as her PR since she started dragging him to court for anything and everything a couple of years back. Anyone with half a brain can see what is happening here, but Halle has money for lawyers and is one malicious person.

702 days ago


BC It's understood that people from the United States of America are referred to as Americans. Canadians, Chileans, Mexicans, Jamaicans, etc. don't refer to their nationality as American.

Only brought it up because we were getting a history lesson and there is a difference between American and Canadian history.

702 days ago


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702 days ago


Shes already lost.

Let say the judge rules in her favor, moves to France and marry the new guy. Nahla will get a French education and will be even closer to her father through language.

Lets say the marriage works and Olivier officially adopts Nahla, what happens when she turns 18? She already has two nationalities, American and Canadian, you cant have three. Thats where it gets interesting. As an adopted child to a French citizen, she could exercise her right to be declared a citizen herself, BUT only if she renounce one of the other two.

If she grows up hating her father for letting her mother take her away, then French-American. If she grows up hating her mother for taking her away from her father, it could be French-Canadian, which is funny cause Gabriel is himself French Canadian but in a different geographical kind of way. Theres also an article in French law that would allow her to reject the nationality that Halle could try to impose on her since she already has two, so Canadian-American it would be, business as usual. But that means a lifetime of visas just to live there, let alone work there. So many missed opportunities. Why have two North American citizenships when you could have a foothold in America and Europe too. So what is worth more, American or Canadian citizenship? Mommy or Daddy?

Mom, you made me choose. I hate you.

702 days ago


So Halle wants to drag their child off to Paris permanently. I don't think the Judge is going to go along with her! Sorry Halle, Love Your Berries and that hot bod but your out of line on this one!

702 days ago


This will all be moot anyway when Halle learns about Oliviers GF in France...then she will have to fabricate or dredge up some other typical Halle drama or latch on to yet another victim to pursue her hearts mission to continue punishing Gabriel.

702 days ago
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