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Some A-hole

Egged My House

10/16/2012 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

got a nice little house-warming gift this weekend -- when her brand new pad was PELTED WITH 3 DOZEN EGGS ... by some mystery vandals.

Sources close to Octo tell TMZ ... the mom of 14 wasn't home when the prank went down late Friday night -- she was in NYC attending a drag queen show at XL nightclub -- but her children were.

We're told Octo discovered the mess outside her Palmdale house when she came back Saturday morning -- with eggs covering her van, garage door and front drive-way.

Not only that ... we're told the eggs sat for so long, they attracted a ferocious army of ants, which fed off the rotting goo.

As for the damage ... we're told it cost Octo $100 to clean the eggs, and another $100 to kill the ant infestation.

Bright side ... Omelets!


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Every time you think TMZ couldn't possibly scrape the barrel any lower in the "news" they post, they prove us wrong. Thanks for the pictures of broken eggs on the ground, I'm sure a Pulitzer Prize is in somebody's future.

738 days ago


Her eldest son is probably acting out of rage against a mother that is never there. A mother that sales herself for cheap thrills to the s*** of the earth. And to hear other children remind him over and over again what she really is. The egg throwing is a subconcious move on his part for the anger of realizing that he was just one of many eggs that she used to bring him into this world to use and abuse him to get money.

738 days ago


Does she no longer have to pay for the last house she destroyed? Or the Loan she took out for school which she used for invetro? Or the workmans comp for the bad back she lied about to get more invetro? Or the hospital bill she ran up over a million dollars? Or this house and van that most people wouldn't be able to afford? Or the nannies that come and go like a revolving door? Please someone tell me how she does this and gets away with it over and over again.

738 days ago


$200 to wash off a dozen eggs? I didn't know that soap, water and doing some scrubbing cost so much. Why did she wait so long for the ants to show up? Did she think the person/s who did that would come back and clean it up? Wondering if "reality" will ever smack her hard enough to give her some commen sense...

738 days ago


it amazes me how many people judge...the woman has 14 kids.. i know moms that only have one and go out to get away..quit judging and have compassion... oh thats right all u people that are judging are one deserves to get thier property hurt or get scared

738 days ago


Does she live in the van???? This women is a pig

738 days ago


Let me get this straight,Ms. Nadya Suleman is called these names by you,because? Sounds like you do not think much of yourself! Fact she had in vitro,not sure how you came up with "Slut"? And let me hear why you think she should not be able to have a home for her family? Your mother would be so proud on the sad job she did with your mouth! And you kiss your mother with that mouth.We all know you are not a lady with a mouth and name like that! Get a life,LOSER!

738 days ago


This chick has bad luck with eggs lol

738 days ago


Why is her License plate covered? Could it be her tags are expired? Hmmmm I am sure she has insurance though, right?

738 days ago


Those kids are going to grow hating that slut !

736 days ago
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