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Presidential Debate Questioner

I'm STILL Undecided

After Crappy Answers

10/17/2012 11:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

The woman who claimed she was torn between voting for Barack Obama or Mitt Romney last night during the Presidential debate tells TMZ, she's STILL undecided -- even after both candidates answered her tax cut question. 

You probably recognize her -- her name's Mary Follano, and she asked what the candidates' positions were on tax breaks, and how each prospective administration would make up for losses in government revenue, blah blah blah.

Mitt and Barack both gave stock responses -- feel free to argue, we don't care -- and 54-year-old Follano says she's no closer to a decision now than she was before last night's debate.

Follano tells us, "I see positive things in both their plans ... I look forward to the next debate."

As for her little slip-up -- when she blanked on part of her question -- Follano says she did her best to memorize, but she stumbled at the last second.

FYI -- Follano's a registered Republican who claims she voted for John McCain in 2008. In her words, "He's an American hero."

Still, we gotta ask ...


No Avatar


romney or obama ... two sides of the same crap elite coin ... damned if yo do, damned if you dont

big bird for president !

652 days ago


You're literally retarded [slow] if you're STILL undecided. Romney and Obama is as different as black and white [pun intended]. It's either you like chocolate or vanilla. It's not, "I can't make up mind they taste so similar" You either want to see the country go down the tubes under the feminist, gay, anti-Christian, politically correct Obama administration or you want to see the country go down the tubes under the "let them eat ketchup", breadlines, you're on your own, turn back the clock, all things Mormon, Romney. They don't taste the same.

652 days ago


Just look at their policies. Period. If you haven't decided yet, you're an idiot.

652 days ago


Anyone that is still undecided simply is not interested in doing any research. Listening to campaign ads and the politicians themselves (in scripted events) is a terrible way to figure out what they really stand for. Look at what the policy goals of the Dems and the GOP are. They guy you pick will largely be trying to carry out those goals.

652 days ago


Anyone undecided at this point is an idiot.

652 days ago

some guy    

You're a fool if you believe any one of these bought-and-paid for candidates can fix the problems besetting our nation.

652 days ago


To answer the pole. "Who ya got?"

Gary Johnson 2012

652 days ago


After 2 years of being bombarded by both sides and 20 days to election and she's still not decided? My vote for you Mary is STAY HOME! If you don't know by now, what makes you think you'll know anymore in 20 days? Gonna get a quick case of the smarts by then?

652 days ago


Anybody undecided at this point between the candidates and their philosophies is pretty dumb and not worth time time and energy to attempt to educate them. Somebody give them all a laptop and have them google the issues...

652 days ago


This is a little off topic, but did anyone watch the show yesterday? I loved how Harvey went after Paul Ryan and villianized him for helping in a soup kitchen, and then ended with "speaking of soup kitchens, I had the best soup...." lol, what a d bag

652 days ago


This woman is a moron.

652 days ago


Sorry guys but I'm laughing at ppl who think gas prices could be permanently capped if it just was for the right pres. The US is competing for an increasingly limited resource with extremely hungry, new global players, notably China. There's NO WAY the clock could be turned back.

Obama knows that. That's why he's trying to boost new tech, to ready the US for the challenges of the future. And if you think the status quo from 20 years back can be maintained indefinitely in this shifting world you're just asking to be lied to.

652 days ago


Sweetheart, if you haven't made up your mind by now, you are probably too mentally challenged to vote anyway, so please stay home.

652 days ago


I agree with her. I am undecided and the terrible moderator didnt help me get the answers i needed by pushing her own agenda all night. I will say Obamas ego has been in high view because i really think he thought he was unbeatable and he seems shocked Romney is almost as high in polls as he is. I think he thinks he was a shoe in which is scary. I still think Obama will win but Im not liking what I am seeing of him recently.

652 days ago


If you're still undecided at this point you need to take several seats and just stay the hell out of this election.

652 days ago
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