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Kim Zolciak to Judge

My Mother is an

Unfit Grandparent

10/19/2012 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Zolciak's two young daughters have sworn under oath ... they DO NOT want to be forced to spend time with their grandmother ... claiming she's nothing but a disrespectful old lady.

The kids are responding to a lawsuit filed by Kim's mom Karen Zolciak -- who wanted the court to FORCE Kim to let her spend time with her granddaughters.

In her docs, Karen had claimed Kim cut her off from the kids back in 2011 ... simply because she used an off-limits indoor bathroom instead of a porta-potty at Kim's televised wedding to NFL player Kroy Biermann.

Now, Kim's kids -- Ariana and Brielle Zolciak (ages 11 & 15) -- have submitted sworn affidavits to the court ... in which they beg the judge to shut Grandma down, explaining, "We both love our grandparents, but due to their actions at the wedding of [Kim and Kroy] ... we have grown apart."

The girls say they have no real desire to see their grandparents ... and insist they have too much going on in their lives to be forced to hang with Granny for overnight visitations.

In the docs, the girls also fire back at Grandma's claims that Kim pushes them into the spotlight -- saying, "We do not live a crazy or abnormal life. We are not forced to appear on television with our mother."

The girls -- and Kim -- are asking the judge to throw out Karen's case. Kim also wants her mom to pay for her legal costs.

Gonna be a fun Thanksgiving.



No Avatar

Diamond Goddess!    

Don't know anything about this, but that WIG is UNFIT!!!
(C'mon, there are better wigs out there than THAT.)

736 days ago


Grandma can't crap in the bathroom

736 days ago


One Day Kim isn't going to have her Parents.... it's stupid to not let her girls see there grandmother... what a selfish woman...... one day she will regret it.

736 days ago


Alienating your kids from their grandparents. A sick mother, yes.

736 days ago

just my opinion    

kim is disgusting. kim filmed several times with her mother and acted as if things were perfectly fine...she disowned her mother bc she herself became a bridezilla. there is not a chance in hell that i would disown my mother for wanting to use an indoor toilet. i dont care what the issue is, you get over it...anyone who cant see that must lack any family values. people shouldnt even watch her spin off...what type of person does this? a person who went from being paid sex from a married man to having unprotected sex with a much younger nfl player to get pregnant within 2 mths of dating...thats who.

736 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

These people are crazy. The grandma looks unstable. At the same time the daughter looks unstable. I guess they are an unstable family.
" We are family, all my brothers sister and me".
I guess this song don't apply to them.
Phishie from Philly

736 days ago


This sounds rehearsed. I've seen those two girls on tv, and nothing against them, but I'm 99% sure they can't formulate these types of sentences...without help.

736 days ago

Dannielle Blagmon    

This is crazy, You never treat your Mom like that

736 days ago


The kids are not on camera that much. Probably a lot less than the kids in most of the other shows. Kim wanted a nice wedding and I get that but if you watched it her Mom had a fit and wanted to do the wedding planning for her. I'm sorry but if its your 2nd wedding and you are now in a financial situation where you are paying all of the expences including your moms outfit and you want a wedding of your dreams than who knows your dreams better than you do. Her mom got childish refusing to come for fittings and other things when she had promised to show up to.
Neither of them are perfect but her mom did act childish. They are saying it was a toilet thing but I think its a compultion of all the things that went on during the planning and afterwards.

736 days ago


If I were the grandparents, I'd gladly not see the nasty grandkids or the whore of a daughter, and go on with life. Kim and those nasty kids will be the losers in the end. Kroy Biermann is a 2nd rate player at best who will get the boot once his NFL days are over.

736 days ago


Why in the hell would someone want to have port-a-potty's at their wedding when there is indoor bathrooms???

736 days ago


A toilet caused all this mess. See how little things can explode? Mind you, we only saw what the show aired. Who knows what else happened at that wedding. Kim rented really high-class looking toilets for that wedding, not your conventional portapotty. Every other relative used it without complaint!

KJ was asleep in the house and Kim didn't want people indoors. I get that. The mom went through the house with another woman disrupting the baby. She even went upstairs where KJ was instead of using a downstairs bathroom. You know that mansion has a toilet on the ground floor! What the hell was she upstairs for waking the baby? Her mic pack picked up some trash talking and who knows what else is on the uncut footage.

It spun out from there and now look. A mess! I think they will work it out eventually.

736 days ago


I thought this was 4 ratings, I guess it is not, I agree, Kim will regret it...

736 days ago


Kim and her mother have had issues for years. The incident at the wedding was the one that brought it all to a head. This story makes it sound like this was the only thing that happened to cause their rift but that is not the case.

736 days ago


I never liked this chick . . she sleeps with a married man for all those years and then lands a young handsome athlete . . . then shuts her mom out . . . . I got the popcorn ready for Karma to kick Kim in the ass.

736 days ago
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