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Mitt Romney's Son

I Wanted to CLOCK

The Prez

10/18/2012 6:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mitt Romney
's son, Tagg, says he had the urge to take a swing at President Obama when the Chief Exec called his dad a liar.

Tagg made his comment on a radio show, when asked how it felt to hear Obama accuse his father of fibbing.

As for why Tagg resisted ... his first reason -- lots of secret service around. Tagg went on to say ... accusations of lying are all part of the political process.

No word on what Sasha wanted to do to Mitt.


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Bully, Father like son. Hey Tagg, is your magic underwear to tight?

702 days ago


If you were smart, you would keep your entitled pompus rich boy mouth shut
about 47% of this country will take up your approach to being offended ...
and form a lynch mob to go after Mitt and his rude, demeaning, degrading comments about nearly half of the citizens of this country.
Tagg, be careful, your entitled arrogant daddy has made a lot of enemies... over 150,000,000 of "those people".

702 days ago


A threat alone is an offense and the Secret Service should be calling on "Tagg" any time now. Really? Tagg? Are these people related to the Palins or just read from the same baby name book?

702 days ago


Who is contributing to the over population of a depleted world?? Irresponsibility-

702 days ago


This family makes me sick! Right now I'm watching Ann Romney on The View and she is as PHONY as a two dollar bill.. NOT ONE of the five sons has served in the military, they claimed conscientious objector and so did her husband! Yeah they really care about this country!

702 days ago


Looks like TAG wants to fulfill his name for real. Having his a** TAGGED behind bars.
I believe the last ntime his dad opened his mouth, that a threat of this nature- especially on the air*** constitutes as a Terrorist threat??? Well, Taggy boy. You might just get that chance to bend over and PUCKER UP. Biiiaaatch...

702 days ago

Mr. Clean    

Here's a shocker. Politicians lie and it pisses us off!

702 days ago


Really he said this? Why would anyone want his Dad for President when he can't raise his children to have some respect. Regardless of if you like the President or not you should respect them and never threaten physical violence. My 4 year old knows that!

702 days ago


Mormon women are not "allowed" to enter heaven unless they please their husbands and are permitted
to enter by their HUSBANDS. If you follow all the rules,
the Mormons get to have their very own planet after they die!!!!

702 days ago


Tagg better wake up to the reailty of politics which mean you dont tell the truth an hide assests ..ohh an dont forget to protect the rich at all costs .l

702 days ago


Your dad IS a liar. He IS a politician. Same difference.

701 days ago


Political views aside. What an azz. You are to respect the office of the President. This is our country. To say you wanted to hit the President just further proves what I have seen in the debates. Mitt does what he wants. His way. Obviously the nut doesn't fall far from the tree.

701 days ago

Chris Jackson    

According to the United States Secret Service protocol Mitt Romney's son, Tagg can not be within 100 yards of President Obama for saying the following, Tagg Romney said he had the urge to take a swing at President Obama when the Chief Exec called his dad a liar. on a radio shop.

Anyone who is a child molester, an alleged domestic violence charge, drug dealer, mob associates, tax cheat or someone who says or has in their background the propensity of violence against a President is automatically barred from being within 100 yards from the President.

Please SHARE so that Tagg will be treated equally under the laws of the United States Secret Service. There are no exceptions.

701 days ago


@ TJ you are correct . They actually teach that "single" women can not enter into heaven. I am a woman and I would never vote for someone with moral and world views such a Romney.

701 days ago


He was just mad that his dad got caught. Give it a rest Tagg. How old are you 12? You better stop picking on my daddy or I'm gonna get you!

701 days ago
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