Shock Jock Tom Leykis Helps Catch Mail Thief ... With 'Adam-12' Star

10/18/2012 12:15 AM PDT

Shock Jock Tom Leykis Helps Catch Mail Thief ... With 'Adam-12' Star


Shock Jock Tom Leykis finally took a little time off teaching socially inept guys how to get laid ... and helped cops catch an alleged mail thief instead -- all with the help of Officer Jim Reed from that 70s show "Adam-12"!!!

Leykis -- who has hosted the controversial "Tom Leykis Show" for years -- tells TMZ, he first spotted the alleged mail thief a couple weeks ago outside his L.A. home.

According to Leykis, the guy had his hand stuck in his neighbor's mail box while wearing an oven mitt -- and Leykis snapped a few pics.

The guy took off -- but Leykis says he filed a police report and circulated his photos to his neighborhood watch ... helmed by the neighborhood watch captain Kent McCord ... aka Officer Jim Reed!!! (Seriously)

According to Leykis, the mail thief returned this weekend ... and thanks to his photos, a neighbor recognized the guy and called police, who then arrested the suspect.

We're told cops expect to make another arrest ... because they believe the man had a mail-stealing accomplice as well. The mail theft is still under investigation.