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Barack Obama

RIPPED By Bayonet Co.

We're Still Relevant!!!

10/23/2012 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

President Barack Obama has offended the bayonet community ... TMZ has learned.

TMZ spoke with multiple people in the bayonet industry who tell us they were shocked and even offended when Obama brought up the weapon during last night's debate.

FYI -- Obama was going after Romney when he said, "You mentioned the Navy, for example, and that we have fewer ships than we did in 1916. Well, Governor, we also have fewer horses and bayonets, because the nature of our military's changed."

According to the official U.S. Marine Corps website, every Marine is STILL required to complete a bayonet training program ... because "the weapon becomes just as effective [as a rifle] in close combat situations."

We spoke with Dan Riker from Bayonet Inc. -- a leading military surplus outlet that specializes in bayonets -- who tells us he believes Obama's comment was "ignorant ... because our soldiers still use bayonets."

He adds, “[Bayonets] are still distributed to the military all the time -- he should get educated on it”

For the record, Riker says he won't be voting for Obama ... "and I didn't vote for him last election either."


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How ignorant. Any bets that the main stream press never reports this story. They only like stories that make Obama look good and Romney look bad.

674 days ago


So dumb! People would rather comment on half a story (and a stupid story at that) than the whole story. It makes them sound like Ann Coulter and Michele Bachmann staging a panty raid for attention at the Democratic National Convention. That Dumb! Enjoy the visual.

674 days ago

Vic Perdomo    

The comment was intended to prove just how far out of touch romney was with respect to the "NAVY'S CAPABILITY" (trident as an example) Our military technology is far superior to others in the world, it has been proven over and over. The 911 type of attack has very little to do with the Navy or our readiness or military as a whole...."EXAMPLE" Bringing down Benladen, any recollection.... The REP's need to bring rumney and ryan up to speed. Give them a subscription of "POPULAR SCIENCE"

674 days ago


Well, after all, we cannot expect a community
organizer to know anything about bayonets, can we. I don't think they issued him one in Chicago, although maybe they should have.
I think we should help support the bayonet industry and go out and buy a couple each. A Kbar would be nice also.

674 days ago


That's all odumbo has......sad little man

674 days ago


I joined the military in 2010. I can tell you that the bayonet at the time was being phased out. Today's Privates no longer receive this training in basic as I did not in 2010. It may have been a standard issue item in 2003 but not anymore. Take the word of an active duty service member... I have yet to see a bayonet. To add how the military is changing I've also never held or seen an M16. The only weapon I've been issued is an M4 Carbine. When you face an enemy where the majority of confrontations are cowardly green on blue attacks and IEDs...there comes little time or use for a bayonet.

674 days ago


I am more concerned about his lack of understanding in regard to the number of ships. Carriers are not the "end all, be all" for the Navy, nor are submarines. The role of naval warships of different capabilities is a part of the Navy's war plan. And in those numbers are reductions in ships with roles in defending the carriers, troop carrying, supply and replentishment, as well as other roles and missions.

As for bayonets, take some time to actually study the history of warfare. Despite what you may see in movies, the bayonet was never used extensively in any war, with the exception of WWI, and then primarily by the Marines.

674 days ago


Governor, we also have fewer horses and bayonets, because the nature of our military's changed."

Obama said we have FEWER bayonets... How often do we have hand to hand combat today? First, we bomb the hell out of a county. Then we send in the troops after we kill most of the first line. In Iraq it was the road bombs that made it dangerous. Not hand to hand fighting. Goes to prove the reading level of the right wing nuts.

Read more:

674 days ago

war blur    

President Obama correctly said that we have fewer horses and bayonets today, than we did in 1917. We also have fewer ships in the Navy. All of these are true, checkable facts. Why are you struggling with this issue?

674 days ago


Looks like the company is trying to make a case for their relevance, which they haven't had since WWI

674 days ago


Do you people not understand what Obama has done with Obamacare? #1 According to the U.S. Supreme Court, the federal government has the power to force you to buy private goods and services.  Now that this door has been opened, what else may the gov force on us? I thought we use to care about are rights. #2 Obama gave the IRS an Extra $500 million to In force the law and penalize those who don't have it. #3 20 new taxes are from Obamacare, I guess idiots like Hire taxes. #4 health insurance premiums are going to soar and it's going to effect young Americans like myself. #5 small businesses are going to be crushed due to paying expensive healthcare for workers or they aren't going to hire as many workers as they would, thanks Obama I would of loved to start a business someday.#6
Obamacare will add more than a trillion dollars to government spending over the next decade and cause the federal government to grow. People really need to read Obamacare and look at all the little provisions since th idiots we elected didnt read it. I'm sorry America that I voted for Obama back in 08 but I wont fall for those lies again, you have no idea how sorry I really am!
Sorry there are some errors typing on a iPhone is a pain.

674 days ago


Mitt Romney, the warmonger turned 4 times draft dodger, was gung-ho on the Vietnam War -- until he was drafted. Mitt Romney now wants U.S. taxpayers to fork over $2 Trillion to go back to an old-fashioned, out-of-date military, if he wins. Back to the good ol' days of 1916.

NEWS F;ASH! The U.S. modern military works smarter, not harder. Sure, there are still some soldiers who may use horses and bayonets, as well as sticks & stones, and slingshots and spitballs, if they have to. But the real payday under Ronmey's plan is to big Republican donors, i.e. Halliburton, in the form of new defense contracts. Bush already pulled that scam on the American people. Nobody is falling for it again.

674 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

Obama doesn;t know a Horse from a HORSES ASS!!!! DUH!!

674 days ago


Love how the leeches from the bayonet company comes out for his 15 mins of fame. No one cares about this. Glad these fame whores have TMZ to get publicity.

674 days ago


Obama said "fewer bayonets." F-E-W-E-R!! I don't see the point of TMZ's boring exclusive. I don't see the point of the guy quoted in this non-story. Get back to your celeb gossip. This site is my escape from politics all day.

674 days ago
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