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Barack Obama

RIPPED By Bayonet Co.

We're Still Relevant!!!

10/23/2012 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

President Barack Obama has offended the bayonet community ... TMZ has learned.

TMZ spoke with multiple people in the bayonet industry who tell us they were shocked and even offended when Obama brought up the weapon during last night's debate.

FYI -- Obama was going after Romney when he said, "You mentioned the Navy, for example, and that we have fewer ships than we did in 1916. Well, Governor, we also have fewer horses and bayonets, because the nature of our military's changed."

According to the official U.S. Marine Corps website, every Marine is STILL required to complete a bayonet training program ... because "the weapon becomes just as effective [as a rifle] in close combat situations."

We spoke with Dan Riker from Bayonet Inc. -- a leading military surplus outlet that specializes in bayonets -- who tells us he believes Obama's comment was "ignorant ... because our soldiers still use bayonets."

He adds, “[Bayonets] are still distributed to the military all the time -- he should get educated on it”

For the record, Riker says he won't be voting for Obama ... "and I didn't vote for him last election either."


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Give me a break!    

For those of us that have ears and hearing, the President said "FEWER" because we have much more sophisticated weapons that we did in the 1950's and the 1800's.

PS I know LOTS of vets that will vote for Obama.

738 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Everybody understood what he was saying. Shocked and offended? Oh, noes the bayonet people are butthurt, but I'm sure they're not crying about the free publicity.

738 days ago


ps, mister "didn't vote for Obama" obviously didn't hear President Obama, say we use, FEWER Bayonets and was referring to musket bayonets at that. Isn't it ironic that the complaining is coming from a SURPLUS store.

738 days ago


Obama's done. That man is a huge failure. Hey libs! Say bye bye!

738 days ago



738 days ago

Paul Z    

Obama is:
-- the man who surrounds himself with and seeks the advice of only the radical left and worse
--the man who redistributes (loots) the earnings of the producers to the non-producers so they will continue to vote for him
--the man who embraces the ideas of Saul Alinsky, Jeremiah Wright & Karl Marx.
--the man who refuses to take questions.
--the man who supports Occupation Wall St.
--the man who is spending and manipulating the greatest country on earth into financial collapse.
--the man who speaks of "social justice" but never of freedom.
--the man who hates free market capitalism.
--the man who prevents the development of our oil, coal & nuclear resources.
--the man who rejects the Constitution.
--the man who initiates force against us all by “mandating” his health care scam. A true despot.

He is, at best, a cheap Chicago left-wing politician who cares only that he get re-elected to a position he is grotesquely unequipped for -- yet doesn’t take even that position seriously enough to read Economics 101.

738 days ago


Next TMZ article "Pissed horses call into TMZ Live to rip the Prez", lol. He said less not none and that is an excellent thing. If we can acheive our military goals with putting the least amount of people in harms way as possible who can argue with that?

738 days ago


He Said FEWER - He Said FEWER - He Said FEWER......... F***TARDS!

738 days ago


He said FEWER. Always the ignorant have to make a political twist.

738 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

Oh get the fcuk over it. He said LESS bayonets. I can't wait until all this political hatred and rhetoric bull_shlt is over. Obama and Romney can't even take a good shlt without someone making a comment about it being wrong. And you wonder why people hate Americans?

738 days ago

fran williams    

You know it so sad, how people turn what someone said around, please look at the tape again TMZ and Dan Riker. President Obama didn't state we don't use Bayonets anymore, he stated we use fewer, which means bayonets are still active in the military duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

738 days ago


Mittens should have repositioned his battleships. Kaboom!Smell that?? Obama smoked him!!

738 days ago


Are you kidding me? People are actually offended over his comment? He DID NOT say that bayonets are NOT used or NOT RELEVENT. He said that there are less of them…I mean really. Those who are anti-Obama will make an issue out of absolutely everything! Give me a freaking break!

738 days ago


Oh for crap's sake. There is ALWAYS going to be someone who's personal agenda is offended by a candidate. This guy's living is based on close quarter combat, which is less and less necessary as weapons have evolved. The demand for bayonets in our military aren't exactly the digits they were in 1942. That's a given.

And.. it aint his candidate which he makes clear. So his agenda? Sucking up to the candidate who may make his retirement plan blossom. Lovely. This is a story WHY?

738 days ago

The Dude    

wow, the dems here are upset that his comments are being taken somewhat out of context, Romney and all conservatives have to endure it all the time....

738 days ago
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