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Barack Obama

RIPPED By Bayonet Co.

We're Still Relevant!!!

10/23/2012 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

President Barack Obama has offended the bayonet community ... TMZ has learned.

TMZ spoke with multiple people in the bayonet industry who tell us they were shocked and even offended when Obama brought up the weapon during last night's debate.

FYI -- Obama was going after Romney when he said, "You mentioned the Navy, for example, and that we have fewer ships than we did in 1916. Well, Governor, we also have fewer horses and bayonets, because the nature of our military's changed."

According to the official U.S. Marine Corps website, every Marine is STILL required to complete a bayonet training program ... because "the weapon becomes just as effective [as a rifle] in close combat situations."

We spoke with Dan Riker from Bayonet Inc. -- a leading military surplus outlet that specializes in bayonets -- who tells us he believes Obama's comment was "ignorant ... because our soldiers still use bayonets."

He adds, “[Bayonets] are still distributed to the military all the time -- he should get educated on it”

For the record, Riker says he won't be voting for Obama ... "and I didn't vote for him last election either."


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Michigan Native    

Seriously? The President was not trying to be offensive, he was making a point that Bayonets are not the #1 weapon of choice in combat. Good grief! Find something real to whine about.

698 days ago


Get over it people! Everyone knows what he meant by that comment, but leave it up to people to blow it out of proportion. Our military no longer fight wars on horseback using a bayonet. Plain and simple. No one but Romney should feel offended by this comment because it embarrassed his ass on live television.

698 days ago


Harvey, we all know how you and your friend, Trump, are trying to influence this race with stupid non-stories like this one, but just remember that both you and Trump are non-stories as well. 0-0=0

698 days ago


I was in the US Army in 2005, we did briefly train with a bayonet for approximately 1hr out of the 4 months I was there, which shows how unlikely we are to even use it. The weapon really is irrelevant, and if used, it would probably be used as a knife only because it detaches. It's basically a knife, that's it.

698 days ago


People are WAY to sensitive these days. He didn"t say they weren't getting used, he said there are fewer used,and he's right. Do you see pictures of our troops riding horses? And as for the bayonet training, sure, they also get gas mask training, do they walk around wearing them every day? Is it the main weapon of choice? No, meaning, it's not used as much, which is exactly what he said. Maybe this guy should get educated on what FEWER means.....

698 days ago


Am I missing something? How does someone offend them by saying "fewer" that's like saying I told someone they have fewer crayons compared to the day wtf people will go after anyone for attention. IONO why TMZ is even posting this.

698 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Obama totally clueless like always. Was petty and angry during the whole debate.

698 days ago


Shocker, a partisan company whose sole existence relies on the military industrial complex doesn't support a democratic president.

698 days ago


Obama said the sky is blue, I am offended because it is blue with white clouds, he doesn't know anything! Better get a group of people together to complain about it! Sheesh, this is ridiculous!

698 days ago


WHO CARES, Let's fix the economy.

698 days ago

Umm ok...    

Obama's contrived, memorized one-liners were LAME and would have been better suited for the Al Smith dinner, NOT a serious foreign policy debate.

"If you don't have a record to run on, then you paint your opponent as someone people should run from." -Barack Obama 2008

698 days ago


My ex-husband was in the Navy as a SeaBee and if he had a bayonet then he didn't use it much because he was too busy shooting the enemy as they were shooting at him. He was at the 2nd Iraq war. Romney will be the worst president if he is elected president. He kept repeating everything over and over. He kept talking about the past. We need to look forward not fall backward. If you guys want to move forward then vote for Obama if you want to fall backward then Romney is your man cuz all he wants to do is keep his 1% rich without having to lift a finger to work and screw the rest over. We'd be back to the 1950's in society, 1980's in foreign policy, and the 1930's in economics with Romney as president.

698 days ago


Another reason that anyone who wants to become President of the U.S.A. should be required to have prior military experience. If they "love" this country so much, why were they unwilling to protect it?

698 days ago


So the fact that we don't use as many horse as we did in 1917 equates into that we don't really need that many boats anymore?

The US has about 5000 nuke warheads and Obama wants to cut that to 300. Yes thats right, he wants to dismantle 4700 warheads. How does this help us? Is that because we don't use as many horses anymore so we don't need these weapons to deter?

698 days ago


Dan Riker is an idiot. The President didn't say anything bad about his stupid little company or bayonets. He just said there are not as many in the military as before. It's clear Riker has an agenda against the President and no matter what he said, the simple minded Riker would have had a problem with it. Get over it Riker, you loser.

698 days ago
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