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Homeless Guy

I Got Paid $40 to Appear

in JT's Wedding Video

10/25/2012 11:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One of the homeless men who appeared in a video reportedly featured at Justin Timberlake's wedding says he was paid $40 ... and had NO IDEA he was the punchline in a sick joke. 

TMZ spoke with the man -- "Eddie" -- who tells us he was just minding his own business in Hollywood when he was approached by a man who offered him money in exchange for saying a few pre-written lines into the camera.

Eddie says the cameraman told him the video was being made for a friend's wedding -- Eddie had no idea it was for Timberlake and Jessica Biel.

When we told him how the footage was used, Eddie told us, "That makes me feel really bad ... that was a trick played on me."

In case you're wondering why Eddie is dressed so nicely in our video -- it's because he was out looking for a job yesterday.

"I'm gonna do my best to change my life."


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It is just not right to use this man who is down on his luck like this.
Wedding & Marriage of these 2 superstars is off with very bad karma.
For Shame!

725 days ago


Whoever thought this video was cool is not cool.

725 days ago


Some JT hanger-on making fun of a homeless guy...pathetic in several ways.

725 days ago


Good for him, I hope he gets the job! I can't give him enough props for going out there and at least attempting. Once you are homeless and in that hopeless mindset, I'm sure it's hard to go back.

725 days ago


Here it comes, Gloria Allred to the rescue for all these poeple who have been changed forever. I suppose Gloria will be going after handicap permits for these people too since they've been damaged for life. Oh the injustice...................
Non story here please keep moving (just like most of TMZ's **** lately).

725 days ago


Got to love the Holly-weird rich & famous -- make the homeless act like a trained dog in your video and then turn around and help promote President Obama because he cares for the homeless.

725 days ago


okay tmz, why dont you go crusading against now.

725 days ago

david 183    

They could show there apology by helping him in every and any way. I'm sure they don't even feel like they did anything wrong.

725 days ago


GOOD FOR HIM for being out there and trying to find a job! I think whomever made the original video made a very poor decision. This man shows that not all homeless people just beg all day and don't try to get jobs, hes out there in descent clothes with a resume in hand searching for a better life. I hope this negative light ends up turning into a positive and the homeless people in the video are able to find work.

725 days ago


Sad the way they used him like that. I wish him luck in finding work.

Just because someone is homeless, it doesn't mean they are lazy drunks. With the way the economy is right now, homelessness can hit anyone. That person you see on the street, may have been someone that worked hard in a factory for 25yrs only to have their plant close. By then, they are older, and it gets harder to compete for jobs. They have no income, and eventually lose their homes.

I hope someone sees this, and helps that man get back on his feet.

725 days ago


The ass wipe who thought this would be funny,is a creep.
Karma will come to bite you in the ass.

725 days ago

dan hop    

What's the big deal?? How was he deceived? The guy paid him and said it was for a friends wedding. That is exactly what it was.

725 days ago

No comment    

This doesn't make me feel very good about Timberlake or Biel, although they didn't make it, why would their friend think it would be funny or appropriate for them. I am sure B&J will be out doing their best to prove they are not snobs. I will leave them back in the hypocrite pile of rubbish.

725 days ago


Justin and Jessica are HUGE POS for doing this! BOYCOTT THEM BOTH! Don't buy anything remotely associated with either of them!

725 days ago


Justin and Jessica have some sick friends. What the hell kind of entertainment is this?

725 days ago
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