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Lisa from 'Saved By the Bell'

Bipolar Accusation


10/25/2012 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lark Voorhies
-- who played Lisa Turtle on "Saved By the Bell" back in the day -- says her mother's full of crap ... insisting she is NOT bipolar, despite her mother's claims.

Lark's mother recently told People her daughter had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder -- but this week in L.A., Lark told us she finds the report "comical."

But the video is really bizarre -- Lark can't seem to complete a thought, taking abnormally long pauses and speaking nonsensically ... saying things like, "Well you know, people want to express themselves and ... you know, they will do so at free random."

"The particular trade editorial [presumably People] and I are not in agreement, however. It’s so far left from what was actually atrast [???] or brought about."

Watch the video and see for yourself.



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So she's not very articulate, so what?

728 days ago


Word salad.

728 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Now that I'm able to see the video, people are reaching with their stroke theory. It could be anything. I'm going with my own theory that she can't articulate when she's anxious, anybody with anxiety issues can relate. And I think she meant to say "contrast" (not atrast).

728 days ago


OK that was too painful to watch. I stopped after 30 seconds...

728 days ago

Amy E    

There does seem to be something medically wrong with her, but I don't know if bipolar disorder is it. The long pauses, trying to think about forming her words, and even then the words don't always make's almost like her motor function is completely off. For her sake, I hope she seeks medical attention; there could be something much worse developing in her brain that is causing this. I always loved her on Saved by the Bell, but she seems like a very sweet lady who kept her "nose clean" and deserves happiness. I'm rooting for you, Lark.

728 days ago


it sounds like she is on medication so she might be. If she is that is something that she needs to deal with without a people asking her about it every chance they get.

728 days ago


I believe there is a special section of hell reserved for people who exploit the mentally ill like you're doing with Lark Voorhies and Amanda Bynes. May God have mercy on your souls. I'm certainly having a tough time feeling any for you myself.

728 days ago

James B    

poor girl. She has definitely got a disorder of some kind although I doubt very much that it's psychiatric, it seems more medical to me. However, the press should simply leave her alone. They have no right to intrude on her privacy. No right at all.

728 days ago


Sad.....just pray for her vs laughing. She has issues and needs to over come them

728 days ago


It definitely looked as though she was having a conversation with someone, in her head. She seems to be a nice woman but just unable to think clearly.

728 days ago


i have been diagnosed with bi-polar and have to take daily meds to control my mania...i have had a very troubled past and even today everyday is a struggle..i would not wish depression even on my worst enemy...unless you've been diagnosed with it DON'T judge people that have to live with it everyday!!! it's not a "COMICAL" situation...

728 days ago


Her reactions aren't strange, she simply seems upset by it.
Anybody else in this situation would be too.
But all irrelevant to most of us, who remember Lark and her performance as the cute fun Lisa from Bell.
Come on Lark...give Screech a chance :D

728 days ago


She's apparently one of Jehovah's Witnesses or studies with them. Maybe Prince can offer spiritual help. But something is definitely off about her demeanor. Try a therapist, Lark.

728 days ago

Snowman with a Turnip Nose    

Man, lotta people with medical degrees up in here...

I bet you can diagnose colorectal polyps by listening to radio shows, too?


728 days ago



728 days ago
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